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Note: This thread is 2983 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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Try this in my club...the club manager recorded  down all our membership numbers....but we had great fun! Thanks for sharing...Oh the balls were all over the place...

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Note: This thread is 2983 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Day 60 (March 7 2021) - "long distance pitches/approach practice today (from the neighbor's yards ranging from 50 to around 75 yards out) with the 6i and 8i and the hard foam balls with the target being the sawhorse setup at the hole.  "Good" was landing within 10 yards, "Great" was landing within 5 yards and "Excellent was landing in front of the sawhorse and rolling the ball through the legs.  Not easy, by any means!  A fun way to practice proper backswing, downswing motions - also the lies were anywhere from tight grasses, to slight uphill, slight downhill....    
    • As I said before, why do men get grumpier with age. My dad only smiles or laughs at unhappy things. He absolutely loves when he passes a broken down car on the motorway. Or the family down the road has had their house repossessed, that makes his day. Since the onset of Corona restrictions he says things like, "Mark my words, we'll be phoning the bastards for permission to have a shit next." He totally refuses to visit the doctors saying, "All they want to do is fiddle with my balls and stick a finger up my arse." He absolutely hates Christmas, birthdays, weddings, holidays, etc. Last year we went to Italy, planning to stay for 10 days and he hated it so much we were back home the next day. And don't get him started on the internet. My young cousin, girl, 12 years old was talking to him about her favourite bike, a Raleigh Chopper which he had never heard of. She brought her laptop over to him and punched 'Raleigh Chopper' into google and up pops some explicit porno shit. He nearly had a heart attack. And then there's his soccer. He sits in front of the TV telling every player in the team how bad they are, how the coach should be sacked and swears he will never watch another game. Now that's a promise I wish he would keep.    
    • Sellers of drivers on eBay should always provide photos from every angle.  And of shafts and grips.  Many, many sellers will tell you the exact flaws, and show them, so you can make an informed decision.  This guy was quite sleazy. Is Deesgolfsales still around?  Perhaps I'll contact them on the site to inquire if they have any dented drivers for sale.  Sleaziness cannot operate in a vacuum.
    • Yeah transaction was made problematic by eBay not taking care in the first instance. Deesgolfsales said their description was correct lol eBay accepted that without checking anything, I sent a photo of the sole showing two dents one quite large. Deesgolfsales said I’d had it for a month and damaged it, truth was I’d had it two days and had a good look at it until I was bragging about the good deal I’d got hahaha. He loved telling me I’d been done over, until my 3rd-ish try at appeal where I got a response... so next time I’m asking for more photos???
    • Having to make a full stop at a stop sign in the wide-open backcountry of Colorado when there's no vehicle in sight for 2 miles.  A state trooper hiding behind a giant tumbleweed nailed me and gifted me with a ticket. Erik, I know you weren't asking me but I had an answer.  Tumbleweeds have never been an innocent dead rolling plant ever since then.
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