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Recently I went for a driver fitting, and one thing that they measured was the load/bend in the shaft at different points in the swing (I forgot the exact name for this). What they found was that I was releasing the load built up in the shaft too close to the top, right as I was starting the downswing, and therefore I was not transferring as much energy into the ball. He said I wasn't "casting," but this is one of the only ways that I can think of explaining this right now. I think that the best way to explain this is that I am accelerating too early, and not accelerating through the ball like I should be doing. So my question is, are there any drills or swing thoughts that I can practice to help this? I'm sorry if I'm not explaining this well, and if it's still unclear, I'll do my best to try and clarify things further. It's just killing me that I'm leaving club head speed and distance out there. Thanks for any help!

Edit: Just read the thread below this (Accelerating Through Impact) and I think the key thing that I took away is that my maximum speed* (speed is all that matters at impact, not acceleration) is reached too early in the swing, and that means that I'm decelerating into the ball. Hope this helps.

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Note: This thread is 3177 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I found that very interesting.  I'll defer to the rules guys on here but I can't think of anything in the rules saying you need to dry your clubface if it is naturally wet.  I suppose you couldn't use a spray bottle of water any more than you can use vaseline, WD40 or 10W40.
    • “This phrase is copyrighted and any rebroadcast, retransmissions, pictures, descriptions, or accounts of this phrase without the express written permission of ChetlovesMer are prohibited.”
    • When I say "as one" I mean should you rotate them both at the same speed, so that they both will match up in their rotation on the backswing?    Reason I ask is because since the spine can rotate more than the hips, should the spine be rotated more quickly - or should you rotate them at the same pace, then when the hips reaches it's limit, keep rotating the spine until it turns 90* while the hips stay in the fixed position   Here's a pic of what I mean, you can see his spine is rotated far more than his hips, because the hips have reached their limit 
    • You can use it. But you gotta pay me a royalty. 
    • Okay I played 18 early this morning. First one out. They sent us off the back, as they had a middle school (9 hole) tourney going off the back at 8AM. I finished my 18 holes and went over to see where the middle schoolers were, and how they were doing. I watched them play a couple of holes. Every last one of them dragged their driver up to the teebox. Not neccessarily off the teebox, but always onto the teebox.  So, I was curious and asked one of the parents there. "What's up with dragging the driver?" The parent told me the kids had been coached to do that. When asked why I was told that dragging the driver to the teebox covers the face in dew. The idea being the wet driver face will reduce spin off the face.  "Does that actually work?" I asked. "No idea, but they've been told to do it."  A million things went through my mind.  Firstly, Is that legal?  Secondly, if its not legal, what kind of coach teaches middle schoolers to break the rules? I would think at middle school level you are just trying to get them to enjoy the game and play by the rules.   
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