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    • This is one of those more complicated situations.  Deliberately wetting the club face is against the rules.  However, not cleaning the grooves on an iron face so you get more distance is bending the rules, but not breaking it.  Essentially you shouldn't deliberately do anything like that.  Though doing something, like leaving dirty grooves, is against the spirit of it too
    • That's what I assumed. I was like "WTF, these are middle school kids!" What kind of message is that sending? 
    • @KevinBlake, buddy, come on man. You are going about this all wrong.
    • No, it is not legal. See also: 4.1a(3).
    • Go look up kinematic sequence for the golf swing. also, even after you find an answer. What you feel happens might not match up.  like, I feel a slight torso turn and a small bit of hand stuff. The video shows full hip turn, full shoulder turn, and the club ends up near parallel for the driver and short of parallel for the irons.  the downswing, I feel much more the finish position. Stretch in the left side from hip to shoulder. Belt buckle facing the horizon more. I don’t feel the kinematic sequence of hip slide, rotation starting from the ground up. so, these questions of what happens, don’t translate to actually feeling that motion. Yet, the video can show it.
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