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    • Summer in the Bay Area is really foggy, especially teeing off before 6am. Yesterday was particularly thick, almost no visibility beyond 100 yards, example below: I got to the 11th tee a bit down on confidence after scrambling for bogey on the 10th; a pulled drive that got knocked down way short by tree limbs, then a chunky 5-iron approach #1, followed by a slightly less chunky SW approach #2, and then up and down. The 11th is a tricky 200 yard par-3, made worse by the fog. I aimed where I thought the green was, and flushed a 5-iron. I knew it was a pure strike, but the ball disappeared into the fog so I didn't get much sense of the curvature of the ball flight. It ended up being a great shot, about 2.5 paces past the hole, I'd guess 7-9 feet (historical shots shown below, to illustrate how much I suck at this particular hole). I missed the birdie putt, but this is a hole where par gains strokes.
    • Howdy y'all. I've taken a long break from golf, and things have really changed. I actually found this site while looking around to see if Snake Eyes clubs from old Golfsmith were still a thing, and sure enough, some of you yahoos are still playing them. Well, me too, but that's probably going to change pretty soon, but you guys seem pretty cool. If you've ever wanted to wake someone up from a coma to tell them what has happened in the world of golf for the last 10 years, I'm your guy. I'm actually really sad about what has happened to golfsmith, but it's pretty cool to see these new driver that you can just change the loft and the shaft with a little wrench.  I'm looking forward to getting to know some folks here, getting some advice on clubs, advice on kids golfing, and insight on kids clubs.    WITB: Nike Sasquatch driver, lucky 13 Titleist 970F strong 4 Snake Eyes irons, not sure which model by name, but they are oversized cavity back through the 6, and then they transition to the rescue style hybrid club Snake Eyes 51° gap wedge (I love this club) Rusty 588 sand wedge Shiny wilson 8802 putter  
    • I got my rejection for the masters and the ANWA late last week. Maybe next year. 
    • It's out there. I've seen it.
    • Another example is giving unsolicited advice. Could be as simple as, "it plays long." Supposed to be a two stroke penalty.  
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