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Starting Lessons

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I've been back playing golf again for three years now, I use to play quite a bit years ago (to many to count). Up until now I have been working with what I remembered and listening to friends and trying to figure this game out again, so I have decided to take lessons.

I have found who I believe to be a good teacher (but you never know I guess until you take a lesson from him or her). I start my lessons the end of January 2013 and I'm wondering how I should approach them. I know to go with an open mind and do my best to follow instructions. Any other tips from those who have taken lessons in the past, any do's and don'ts?


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Hey Cooke, Glad to hear you are getting back into the game. My best advice would be to set goals for yourself, short-term and long-term. And share these with your instructor. For example, I notice that you are a 15 handicap, maybe your long-term goal would be to break 80 once in the next year. With that big goal in mind set incremental goals to help you accomplish it. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and discuss with your instructor. For example, you might feel in order to break 80, I have to get rid of this slice. Therefore, your short-term goal in your first lesson is to learn how to draw the ball. Obviously, I don't know your game, so these are just examples. But laying out a plan can really help further development.

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Thanks JH, I have already talked with him about what I am looking for in lessons, primarily more consistancy in my long game. I fade the ball but I cannot master a draw which hurts me on a dog leg left. I'm not looking for more distance, although that would be a nice benefit which he says will come when I straighten out my fade. As I said, more consistancy especially with my long irons is my immediate goal. I even shy away from my 5i & 6i due to a lack of confidence, I want to change that. I usually hit a hybrid instead but that leaves gaps in my game. I want to have confidence in every club in my bag. My short game and putting save my ass but on days when that is not working well it costs me strokes. More GIR is the goal I guess. I haven't been tracking my stats which I will start doing this season, I wish I had started from the beginning. I'm really looking forward to these lessons, I'm sure it will add a new demension to the game.


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That sounds great cooke. It sounds like you have a plan and have found an instructor that you get along with.

I would definitely recommend that you start keeping your stats. Obviously, it allows you to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and shows you where you are losing shots. It also, however, can really help a golf stay in the moment. I think a lot of players have a good round going, and they say to themselves, "if I par out, I shoot..." It is important to take one shot at a time and stats can really help with that way thinking. Instead of the above example, that same player can say, "I need to hit the fairway on this tee shot so I can add to my fairways hit stat." And then, "I need to hit the green in regulation" etc.

Keep us posted on your progress. Play well.


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