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Which Wedge Do You Use Most Often?

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  1. 1. Which Wedge Do You Use Most Often?

    • Pitching Wedge
    • Gap Wedge
    • Sand Wedge
    • Lob Wedge
    • Other

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I use my lob wedge for anything under 100 yards unless it's a chip shot or a sand shot, which I don't get into much for some reason. I can pull off a pretty nice flop shot if need be. Love the ol' lob wedge!

Take care,
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im a sand wedge kind of guy, use it for about anything unless its a full swing 60. ill use the 60 occasuionally, but my grandpa has taught me how to manipulate my hand and open the face on certain shots so i just use the sand. plus its a sweet cleveland 588 56 that i got for free so i cant complain. oh and for anyone who said they mishit the non cavity back wedges, dont try to stretch the distances. I really only hit it harder if i want a little more bite on it.
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I use the wedge that I feel is best for the shot I'm facing at the time. As it turns out, I use the PW and the GW about equally. The PW is my 110-120 yard full club, and the GW is my 95 to 105 (although I use it down to about 70 yards, but then I have to take something off, or play a cut).

For greenside (anything inside of 70 yards), I use what the situation dictates. I pitch with the club that seems to be the best choice, but that is dictated by the lie and the pin location. Close in, I prefer to play a chip that gets on the green then rolls, so a 60° LW is usually my last choice. I haven't even put mine in my bag yet this year... it pines away in the garage. My main chipping clubs are the 50° GW and 45° PW, with an occasional lie requiring my 25° hybrid.

I use my 56° SW for bunkers almost exclusively.... only rarely using it for a lob over a tree or bush or bunker.

Edit: Just for grins I decided to put my 60° LW back in my bag today... see if I can still use it. I'm going out later for a bit of practice and a quick 9 holes, so we shall see what happens.

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Interesting comments. I love my 52 mizuno, but when i'm 70-80 in and give it a pretty full swing, I'm short. I have been contemplating getting a 48 and use 3/4 PW (45 d) in place sometimes. 56 is my SW.
any suggestions out there..?
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I carry three wedges right now, a 48-54-60, and am thinking about taking out the 54 and adding a 52 and a 56. The wedge I use the most around the green is the sand wedge (either 54 or 56). Also like the lob wedge for short bunker shots and for short pins, but use the sand wedge the majority of the time.
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Just picked up a Snake Eyes 60 degree & went to a small par 3 with it just to practice that 1 club. So far I like it & definitely think it will see more use than my gap wedge.
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I use my 59° almost exclusively from about 80-90 yards in, and for 95% of all chipping around the green. Unless I have to keep the trajectory down due to being under a tree branch or something......not that I'm ever in the trees

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Note: This thread is 4615 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Juli was banned for being an imposter. He was a formerly banned troll who kept signing in with new usernames and from different IP addresses.
    • Juli,    Our dominant hands perform millions of everyday task for us that are in our subconscious mind. We never give them a thought. However, the golf swing is NOT in our subconscious mind . It is a learned conscious task that is totally foreign and opposite to human genetics. If it was NATURAL NBA and NFL and other great PRO athletes would be leading the PGA tour .    Our shoulders ( upper arms ) are the most flexible joints in our body . This enables our dominant HANDS to bring food to our mouths so we could survive as humans and they will ALWAYS roll over, turn down unless we force them / teach them to perform otherwise . The DS only takes 2/10 seconds . Whatever key you choose to use must be  preprogrammed / prepared before you ever pull the shaft back . The human brain can only sort out and perform ONE ( 1 ) task in that short amount of time . So - what is that one thought to be ? Well - their is a direct connection between the brain and it’s dominant hand . The right in your case . It is responsible for dropping the entire lever system down back around behind our torso and to stay right palm upward during the entire DS . If we don’t we definitely know what is going to happen and you can see it on any range in the world . It is the turning of the torso ( inner circle ) that squares the face, not the hands ! Yes - I know this sounds radical and some will say so , but check out * Cortical Homunculus * and see where I am coming from.  thanks for your reply . Good luck
    • I get where you are going with this.  The only thing I can think of that would really constitute a "Mental Mistake" is there have been times where I'm forced to used a cart and it's cart path only. I assume I have the correct club and then by time I walk across to my ball (Not sure why I never hit it near the cart-path.) I realize I don't have the "right" club. So, 9 times out of 10 I use the club I have rather then hike back for another one.  Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't I always think "Damned, I'm an idiot."  Pretty much the rest of the time my mistakes come from this list. Hit it off the hosel. Hit it off the toe. Hit it off the heel. Hit it off the bottom. Hit it off the top of the club, or roof of the driver. Shanked it. Thinned it. Or some other unexpected weirdo swing fault that happens.  I would bet "mental" mistakes, on average, probably make up about 1 shot a round for me... maybe less. I played yesterday. Shot an 84.... 12 over par. I don't think any of those 12 were due to "mental" mistakes. I would say that all 12 shots came from "didn't hit it good enough" mistakes.
    • Overhand or underhand? I do think the connection most on this site have is we like talking golf. Most want to improve as well, but may not currently have the time available to put in to improve.
    • Distance is great and all that, but you have to keep it playable. If the driver is costing you 4 penalty strokes a round take some lessons... real lessons with it, not some quick fix crap.
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