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Would you believe 99% of the replies you get? And that goes for pretty much any of the guys talking about swing speed.

That being said, I have though about it (and it is either my number 1 or number 2 program depending on the day). I don't expect 30+mph from any program but 10-15 for someone that hasn't done much speed or specific strength training is likely. The questions is the program pure snake oil (from what I have read/watched the stuff seems solid) or a good collection of the "Standard" training (strength, power, and over/underspeed) for improving your golf swing. I probably would have spend the 50 bucks (if it is total snake oil I will gamble my CC will get me a refund) but the advertisment for the 1 length irons sort of scares me

Originally Posted by VegasRenegade

Any body a member? any input on if it works?


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Yea I am thinking about it since it is cheep and if it is no good not much money lost. My main concern is that it does not get me doing something that screws me up more than I already am.


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After researching (check out YouTube videos) and taking part in the Webinar session I opted to sign up.

Specifically, I found the what was shared on YouTube on club head speed and driver spin rate and launch very informative.

Aside from the long game, Jacoob Bowman had some advice of on the short game which resonated quite well with me and that was using your instinct on a chip shot.  Basically after getting the "feel" of a club (i.e. 9 iron, 6 iron, whatever you decide will work for you), you use your instinct and determine where you "are and where you want to be" and execute.  Without getting hung up on saying absolutely having your 8 iron travel 1/3 of the way and then run 2/3...which is a good way to start, I've felt that your brain (a wonderful computer) will process what is needed to get there...simple.  In essence, don't get wrapped up in over analysis (analysis paralysis).

Oddly enough, this little bit of confirmation (short game) is what convinced me to sign up for Swingman (long game).

I will attempt to keep you updated on results.  I have already secure my Swing Speed Radar (blue) and baselined my SS, impact points on driver face in relation to trajectory, distance and dispersion.


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I've been taking some time off and will provide the same detailed follow up on another site, since that is where my swing speed increase project first started.  After starting my program I was having a few issues with my lower back and left side glute muscles.

I started with PT with the belief it was a problem with my piriformis (deep glute) muscle group, after 30 days it wasn't getting much better and went back to Primary Care Physician and wanted to find out what was "the problem".  PCP requisitioned an X-ray with an appointment with the Physiatrist (rehabilitation physicians, are nerve, muscle, and bone experts).  Reviewed X-rays and went thru a assessment and discusse some "nerve flossing" (read up on this it is interesting!).  An MRI was requisition.  Follow up with Physiatrist found a synovial cyst (flud sac) in L5 pressing against nerves.  The next step (which had bee approved) would be a thin gauge needle and drain and then inject cortisone. Since there is a possibility that the cyst is slowly shrinking and there has been improvement with nerve flossing (mechanical therapy) I opted to continue with PT with focus nerve flossing / core strengthening (more good stuff!) and circle back in a couple of months with the option of having the drain and injectable procedure done.  This was just a week ago. By the way, I am able to now hit balls...sometimes a little transient tingle down the leg but goes right away...if it progresses...stop. But thus far it's been fine in the eve. and the next a.m.  I have a tee time with my friends tomorrow!

What caused all of this? I was a bit upset that this happened since I focus on keeping myself relatively fit and stretch routinely .  However, Physiatrist said the problem is probably due to 30% genetics and the rest could be attributed to degeneration (old age; her I'm a Senior 63) and finally attempting to overburden my spine and could have just aggravated it enough to have the cyst develop.  However, she did indicate that she also had three patients recently who hurt their backs while attempting to "change their swing" and had cortisone treatments which helped.  One patient reinjured himself.

Why am I sharing all of this? There may be circumstances that may cause an issue with your back.  If it happens...get it looked at.  It may be an issue with a muscle, a bone and a nerve.

What are my plans? I will still attempt to work on my speed but minimize stressing my spine.  In addition, I will use the exercises (specifically dynamic stretching) that will strengthen my core (these were reviewed and approved by PT).   There are also hip turn / flex, upper torso turn / flex and shoulder exercises that I believe may achieve positive results.

Recommendations: Other than what's covered under my plans.  You should consider getting a foam roller to massage muscle provides comprehensive massage therapy.  You can integrate some massage and core exercises using a foam roller.  If you want details let me know and I will post.

Any other questions, please feel free to ask.


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    • Ok, so range work tonight wasn't horrible. I did notice a slight backslide in keeping my left hip on the wall. But I think it was a pretty slight move, even so I'll work double hard to make sure I get back to not moving off. I didn't notice until I got home that the camera was a little too close when recording FO Driver swings. Was a really good drive, push draw that carried to the top of the hill. Other than small move off the wall and long swing I'm pretty happy with the swing. This drive was almost exactly the same as the face on drive. Push draw to the top of the hill in the distance. I may be crazy, but it looks almost like I didn't go shallow to steep on this swing. I don't have good software to check that though.   Not bad other than the slight move off the wall and swing lengthened a little. No real insight on this swing either. Swing could have been shorter. But now, something completely different!! Have I mentioned how much I love the pitching technique I learned in Erie?? 
    • I also had this same thought about a month back. I asked my instructor and he said he wouldn't worry about it (probably because he was thinking "get your effing swing right first, you can't fix BAD" lol) and said that it's actually probably in the correct configuration to aid in a slice miss in that the weights are there to prevent the cogwheel effect (inducing the side spin). So with the weight at the toe, if I hit the heel it should move back farther than the toe on impact and have less slice spin. I think I have that right, maybe I'm loony. 
    • Ha ha. I thought for a while that I wasn't as bad at golf as I was at counting to 5 (or 7 or 8). Sadly, Game Golf confirmed the high scores are real. I feel bad for the owners of the golf courses when they get hit by a drought. I guess the same can be said for anyone who's business depends on appropriate weather (farmers, ski resorts). I wonder how difficult it is to bring a course back to shape when it gets that dried out.
    • If you can get fitted for long clubs - even if you pick them up used - this would help your game the most. BTW, the TommyA 845 irons are #1 on my list of cool golf clubs I've never owned. (People have let me hit them, and they had good feel!) 845s will get you through the first couple of return seasons, or maybe longer! On FWs, at least hit a 4W and see how it flies. Some golf tests indicate that the average golfer can hit the 4W more reliably and sometimes longer than a 3W. It just depends on how you come into the ball. I have carrried 4W + 7W for four seasons now.
    • Literally... From June 1 to July 10 Trumansburg NY was the driest place in Upstate NY.  I have no reason to believe that has changed.  We got rained on for about an hour yesterday and overnight, but not enough to do anything useful.  I've never seen the golf course this brown or the ponds so low... if I wanted to get my feet muddy, I could have grabbed about 10 balls... they were probably all mine anyway. Figuratively.  I just played my third consecutive terrible round.  Every time I play seems to be the worst round of my life.  They only reason I kept score was because I got a Game Golf belt unit and wanted to try it out.  I like it: I can't count very high without help.  Anywho... I decided t take a week or two off from golf, not touch the clubs, and recharge a little bit.  I may, in that time, do a grossly inappropriate rain dance because hey... you never know.
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