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    • First, welcome to TST, @maritamm I'm with @billchao, I think a discussion with the manager and a few of the concerned league members would be a good starting point.  She certainly doesn't like the feelings of frustration she's been going through over the cancellations, and probably doesn't realize that she may be a factor in causing them with the way she's running the scheduling.  If you can talk things over, you might come to a better understanding of one another. Separately, I find that I enjoy playing with "other" people.  I play with the same group of friends most weekends, so I'm very open to playing with different members on our Tuesday evening Men's league.  
    • From my personal experience, When you spend that much money on a round of golf, it is nice to experience the entire club, not just the course.  I know during the 4-6 hours of golf you may want some food at the turn, or drinks/apps/meal after. If they cant keep the kitchen clean, doesnt say much for "first class"
    • That's actually a fairly common issue. Hybrids tend to have more offset and they kind of look like woods so people can end up setting up and aiming differently with them than their iron counterparts. Not necessarily. They're designed with a lower CoG to launch the ball higher, they're more forgiving, and they're usually slightly longer than the irons they're meant to replace. Plus if your index is accurate, you're likely not hitting the equivalent irons well enough to really know how far they should be going anyway. Probably. 20g is a significant difference in weight. Whether it would be a good change for you, you'd probably want to see a good clubfitter for. If you have an adjustable hosel on your hybrid you can just buy a shaft to try out, but it would probably cost just as much as a session with a fitter who could tell you definitively what setup works best for you. If you don't have an adjustable hosel, then self-fitting would end up costing a good amount of money if you had to pay someone to re-shaft your clubs.
    • Reason why I was disappointed is he started off one shot back on the day, then it looked like the run was on with holes 9, 10, 11. Then on Hole 12 approach he hooked his approach into the sand, which torpedoed his chances. Then that got into his head a little and he hit another bad shot, bogeying 12. It was disappointing because it killed the run, and pretty much took him out of the competition. By the time 18 rolled around, he was ready to get off the course.  I am pretty sure he'll put it all together one of these majors though. He's been playing pretty well this year, and now has notched strong appearances in both majors and a few other tourneys. Finau will be back! 
    • I think it has a lot to do with your physical characteristics, i.e., are you very tall, short, long arms, short arms, etc. as to whether or not you need a fitting right now. I was fit years ago for a set of Pings and everything was standard but the lie angle, (I was a blue dot, just off the standard black dot), but I didn't see that small adjustment in lie angle making any difference, (I'm 6.0' and I guess standard for everything else). But as said above if you get a free fitting when purchasing a set of clubs why not?  Are you thinking about buying a new set? If you're thinking about altering your current set then you definitely need a fitting.
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