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Who will win at Carnoustie?-my odds

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Hi there

the Open comes to Carnoustie this year, and in my opinion, with the following players in with a chance:

Tiger Woods 8/1
Vijay Singh, Phil 18/1
Paul Casey 20/1
Colin Montgomerie 30/1
Mark O Meara, KJ Choi, Nick Faldo, Paul Lawrie (he won it last time) 100/1
John Daly 200/1- if he can get his game together, we know how he rose to the occasion at the Buick t16th

No Duval at the Open, a shame, this guy can play.

I don't know how penal the rough will be this year. Tiger may only use his driver once a round i think with his 3 wood and 2 iron being the favoured driving clubs.

Does anyone disagree with me??!!!

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I think the first three have a shot and maybe Choi but I don't know about those other guys you mentioned. In my opinion there are so many other players to consider. How about Justin Rose, Henrik Stenson, Padraig Harrington, Jim Furyk, Ernie Els, Retief Goosen, Adam Scott (if he gets himself squared away), Angel Cabrera, Luke Donald, Sergio Garcia, and I'm sure many more. Even Poulter, Allenby or Appleby could contend, well, Appleby until the final round. Or even a guy like Jerry Kelly. Anyways, my top 10 would be;

1. Tiger
2. Casey
3. Rose
4. Garcia
5. Harrington
6. Stenson
7. Furyk
8. Els
9. Goosen
10. Vijay

I'd put Cabrera in there because he seems to usually play the British Well but perhaps might have a letdown after his big win at the US Open.
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Ok, how about odds with Tiger out of the mix? Everyone picks Tiger for the win. Take him out of the equation and it'll force you to think more strategically.

Vijay and Phil are at about 12/1 in my book, with Monty at...say, 25/1. Daly's probably 100/1. He's got the game in his bag, and makes plenty of birdies, but just can't get the rest of his shit together.

(No one remembers Paul Lawrie. Seriously, everyone was too busy watching Van de Velde in the burn.)
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shame Duval won't be there booming it around the place.

Boo Weekley has got some game but not sure about his wrist positioning during the swing...enjoying watching him rip it round Loch Lomond!

Keep JD away from the the casino and MacDonalds and he's got a chance.

I would like to see a duel between Tiger and Phil though with Monty hot on their heels..that would be an ideal situation from a spectator's point of view.

The last few majors haven't been much of a spectacle in my opinion...we need to see some pure drama.

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Hello everyone, new to the forum..
Is it just me or has nobody mentioned Adam Scott?? The fela has the best swing in golf has yet to win a major and he would be my tip to win his maiden major here at Carnoustie. He played a solid 1st few rounds until his putter let him down at Hoylake last year.
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As far as im concerned, every tournamet Tiger plays in, hes got a really good chance to win. But here are others I would like to see win or do well.

1. Mickelson
2. Rose
3. Johnson
4. Furyk
5. Weir ( Okay the odds are pretty horrid, but I can hope)
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I say watch out for another long shot this. Someone you would never expect. Like Johnson or Cabrera were in the last two majors. Majors have a funny way of proving the best or giving a spotlight to a relatively unknown.

Or Tiger
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Tiger Woods 8/1

Surprising how some of the big players (not just your picks) are doing. Of course we all know things can change in a hurry and the cream usually rises to the top come Sunday.

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I expect Jerry Kelly to have another good showing. Currently he and Tiger are the only two players to place in the top 10 in the first two majors.
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Note: This thread is 5016 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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