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Pros Departing Nike Because Ball Sucks?

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People will always have favorites and strong opinions, but anywhere you find even semi-objective testing, all of the top, pro-line balls are about the same. Distance, bite, etc., it's basically a dead heat. I think more than one brand of pro line urethane ball is made by Bridgestone--both their own, and Srixon, and possibly Nike's as well.

There are many models of urethane covered, multi-layer balls, and all have slightly different characteristics. The main variables are the number of covers and the thickness of each, and dimple patterns. Some are made to have a different tactile feel or to spin a little more or less. But if you compare like-construction balls of different manufacturers, they're all about the same. And, even between the different types of construction, in the multilayer urethane world, they still aren't that much different from one another.

One problem with proving this is that it's impossible to conduct an entirely blind test--even without labelings/logos, the balls have different dimple shapes and patterns (i.e., the Callaway Hex) that experienced players know about.

Maybe some players fit better into one type of construction than others. I also have no problem that many people believe one ball is better. But I don't think anyone can actually prove a real difference.

Still, having said this, in an equipment test in which I participated, even though all players were essentially convinced that the top balls were more or less the same, 3 out of 4 still strongly preferred one brand over the others.

Golf is art, too, I guess.
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I have nothing against the ProV, but I will play Nike One Blacks until they stop selling them. I get way better numbers on a monitor with them, and seem to hit better shots. They just really fit my swing. The only issue I have ever had with ProV1 and ProV1x is that after a full wedge shot the ball is useless. I can peel the cover right off Titleist balls, and at $45/dozen that can get a little expensive. I find the Nike One to have a much more durable cover. I also get far too much spin with the ProV1 and ProV1x. To each their own I guess.
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I thought he was using a Titlest putter with a Ping grip. I could be mistaken though.

Yes, it's a Scotty Cameron ("Scotty" as the other person said). Scotty works with Titleist.

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I was under the impression that a lot of pros have a clause in their contract that requires them to use the company's equipment as long as it was top-of-the-line. I am sure the lawyers use different verbage, but the point is still there. Thats why Tiger can use a SC putter.
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I play a lot of nike clubs as you can see in my signature. I just recently switched to the sumo (not the square one) because I sent my other driver back to Ping to get fixed. My buddy who is on Nike staff let me borrow one of his sumos and I loved it.
I bought their irons after hitting everything else. I liked the blade short irons and the cavity back long irons.
All that being said, I would never play their balls because they suck.
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I will say I tend to favor the Titleist product line...altho my game is not needing the prov1's yet. That said its not like I wont use Nike balls if they are presented to me either
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Almost all of my hockey equipment is Nike, and I have worn Nike running shoes for years.

For some reason though, I'm not crazy about Nike golf stuff.
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Nike's got a good ball, but it's no Pro V1.

That said, I doubt the kind of ball someone uses really matters for 99 percent of all golfers (ok, 50 percent on this forum). The ball doesn't particularly affect my score in any way, for better or worse. My best round ever was played with a Nike Juice, and one of my worst was with Pro V1's (consecutive shots into the woods). And I've shot good and bad rounds with Rock-Flites. The equipment does matter a bit - just like the club it may make 10 percent of the golf game, but if the golfer can't play, it doesn't matter what kind of ball he's using.

And, when I mean "play", I mean a low handicap (or positive handicap). I've always said Tiger Woods could go out there with persimmon clubs and a featherie and still shoot par. 90 percent of golf revolves - and always will revolve - around the golfer's ability.
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Yea, I heard the same thing about his ball having a thinner cover.
I also read somewhere his ball produces more spin than the others.

I've been using Nike ONEs and Pro V1xs for a pretty long time and i really like both. they seem pretty same to me.

But theres alot more that goes into a professional golfer's game than just the ball he or she uses
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Eldrick hasn't had to give up his Scotty but he's an exception to a lot of rules.

Tiger's contract says he can use anything he wants to. He has to wear the Nike apparel but if he finds something he likes better than Nike, he can play it. He was using the old Titelist PT fairway wood until last year. And he still uses a Cameron putter.

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Note: This thread is 4939 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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