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PLEASE HELP ME!! :) No pro has been able to correct my problem.

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Originally Posted by dkling8

You should post in the Member Swings forum after checking out the swing thread rules. If your slice is really that bad, people will be able to immediately diagnose the problem.

Also, read up on the ball flight laws, especially since you've been getting conflicting info regarding club face, club path, etc. You can diagnose many of your problems on your own solely based on how the ball flies. Good luck!

Yes post it in the Member swings forum

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Hi Colin,

I understand - it is what makes it much worse. It is the same with players at my local club and with the Pro's who are trying to help me.

I shot -6 once (best score) but in the last couple of months when I was playing I was regularly shooting -2/-4 on training rounds. As you can see from my tournament score cards - I was very regular at hitting par, and when i wasn't nervous, I was more aggressive with my putts. Also, I played every single day for 6 months straight at least 3 hours and 6 hours Sat and Sun, so it is not the same as someone playing once a week. So almost 30 hours a week golf. There is no point in cheating in golf - the only person you cheat is yourself and if you cheat yourself than you are a very lowly person indeed.

I think my problem is, that I learnt to play completely by feel, no technical lessons, no indepth analysis and now I no longer am able to feel what is incorrect, and in trying to find a solution am just making everything worse.

If I can get to the range tonight, I will take a new video of my swing.

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This thread doesn't make sense.  Guy shoots 6 under after a year, his average distance to the pin on 120 meter shots (3 meters) is better than the PGA tour average, has a bunch of pros unable to figure out his swing, everyone thinks he's a cheater and now he can't hit the ball in the air and comes to an online forum for answers.

Sounds like an modified movie script. I think he just needs Will Smith (Bagger Vance) as his caddy and everything will work itself out. Jordy, just find your one true swing!

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I thought I had it my friend! :) I thought I would come onto a forum to find some actual help - 3 local pro's from my club can't help me, but when I know there are more than 20,000 PGA pro's in the World, I am sure that someone has seen a problem like mine.

The greens on my course are nothing like a PGA tour course!! :) They don't have stimp readings of +12. It doesn't have the grand canyon depression or himalayan mountain range running through it.

Not everyone thinks I am cheater - Everyone who has played with me, tournaments and training at my club +/- 100 people know exactly how I play but they also don't understand what is wrong and think it is all just in my head.

I think however, I have come to the wrong place because people just seem to want to mock me - I have an honest problem that I do not know how to solve and I am being as open and honest as possible so that everyone can understand what I need help with.

For example if you ask me how long I hit my driver - I tell you honestly 220m and not very well - too much trying and not enough rhythm.

If you ask me how I used to hit my 58 degree wedge - 80m - that will stop almost immediately and avg of 2-3 m from the pin. My 58/54/PW and 9 iron were my best clubs. Even the club champion said my wedges were ridiculous - but remember I trained with my wedges for 6 months 30 hours a week - plus I have a net at home that I used - I played purely on feeling and now I have lost it? :(

Next time I am at the range - hopefully tonight, I will take some videos and upload!

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I have posted a video of my swing from last year - this was after I had been playing about 3 months. I was told that my left foot turns on impact and I was swinging too aggressively and steeply - which I worked on. At this time - I was a 4 HCP on the Par 3 course.


Nex time I am at the range - I will film my god awful uncontrollable slice and also me hitting the ball perfectly with a dynamic "happy gilmore" swing :)

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Hi Jordy,

I'm a beginner and not a good golfer like you seem to be.

You're talking about slicing your irons, right?

I don't know if your problems have been solved by now, however, I have experienced some of the problems you describe.

i.e.: not getting the ball in the air anymore (topping)

In my case, this was caused by the fact that I would stretch-out my knees (move the body upwards) during the back-swing.

the slice might be caused by hitting the ground with the toe of the club first, even if it's just a little bit and you don't even feel it, or  maybe you need to keep the toe of the club a little more upright.

I never had a real slice-problem with my irons, but sometimes my shot would go way right with a faint slice, and this was usually caused by putting the ball too much right in my stance and having the club-face a little too much open.

My back-swing is very steep (irons), but never causes me to slice, so I don't believe that's the problem.

Another possibility (happened to me too) is that during your down-swing, you focus too much on hitting the ball to the target, instead of simply completing the horizontal rotation of the upper body.

This could result in hitting the ball way too much in-to-out and causing a slice.

If you haven't solved your problem yet, I hope this helps you.

By the way, Where in Belgium are you from?

I'm from Laakdal, near Tessenderlo.

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does this not seem fishy to anyone else?

Nope. Par 3 courses are not very friendly if you don't hit the green on the first shot. The greens are tiny. However, 60 over is a bit high, but not an impossible 6 to 7 per hole? He probably hits far as well, being young and athletic with good hand to eye coordination. Plus his skiing doesn't hurt his leg strength and balance. EDIT Sorry, I did not read the other myswing thread for the resolution of this problem.

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Hi Piper!

Thanks very much for your kind insight :) I think I am probably doing all of those things wrong!! Unfortunately, golf has a million minute possibilities that could go wrong and about another million more possible cures!!

I am still having the same problem every now and then which is still killing me! I think indeed that my main problem is just that I use my arms way too much instead of the body and I am working really hard on that, just to use my legs, hips and drive into the shot without swinging with my arms!!

But when it goes good it goes great! That is the most frustrating part :) I played a tournament this weekend and I hit 2 under. Last weekend I was 26 over par :( But I am starting to iron out the problems I hope!

I am living in Antwerpen and I play at Brasschaat golf club :)

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Hi Lihu,

Thanks for the defence :) Indeed you are correct, I played a par 3 course in the UK yesterday at the seaside in kent and with the wind blowing I am amazed that anyone could get any sort of a score!! :) The greens were ridiculously small also :) On a 120 yard hole, I would need anything from my sand wedge to my 8 iron :) Also, To get the ball on the green with the side wind, I had to aim about 20m to the right/left of the green and also using counter spin. Also as it is a links course, one bad bounce and the ball is 50m down a hill with a landing area the size of a postage stamp to drop the ball back onto the green.

As it is, the reason I was saying I went from good scores to ridiculous scores, was not the par 3 course, but the shanking, pretty much every hole is bordering an out of bounds as it winds around the main course. I literally was hitting every ball to the right and out of bounds, so in the end I was just giving up, because the only thing I could hit straight was my putter! :(

But you'll be happy to know I started getting more regular again!! I played 3 par 3 courses this weekend in Kent that I never played before and scored 8 over par on each round :) And also only shanked the ball a maximum of twice on each round as well! It's good to be regular!

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Looking at your swing videos,

Full Swing - Tough to tell from the angle, but you might be too handsy going back - I was able to stop the vid where the shaft was parallel going back, and it looked from that angle, that the clubhead was behind your shaft. At the top, you look good ... and THEN at the last moment before starting the downswing, you raise your arms high and that right elbow gets further away, and that right shoulder juts out and you go over the top. No chance.

Chip - MVMAC explained it. You are so far inside with the club against the body, and the club head is far behind the shaft - you have no chance.

Go to the 5SK Video Threads - there are answers in this forum ready for the taking..

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Originally Posted by jordy466

Hi everyone,

I love golf - I have been playing one year. I live in Belgium - so membership and handicap rules work a little different over here.

You have to take a Golf rules exam. Then you have to become a member of the Par 3 course and obtain a local handicap of less than 18. Once you have achieved this, you have to take a technical test - ball hitting on range, chipping and putting. If you pass this, you become a temporary member of the main course and then you have one more test to score stableford points on 3 holes ( a par 3, 4 and 5) - if you score 4 points or more you are given a "club" hcp of 45 - then you can play club tournaments. Once you have got your cllub hcp to below 36 - this becomes your officially recognised hcp hence forth.

CRAZY I know - but actually not the reason I am writing. Just wanted to give some background!

Ok - I started about 1 year ago - I am quite sporty and have good hand eye coordination - 27 years old. I took 2 lessons to understand the grip, stance, swing and basics and everything went well - within 1 month I had a HCP of 1 for Par 3 courses. Within 6 months I was playing between -2 and -6 for my local and 2over and -1 for other par 3 courses.

If i played on the main course - also non local courses - I would be between 8 and 16 over. Although I only played on a big course about 5 times.

Problem - 3 months ago, I went from being able to hit a round on the Par 3 in -6 (best) to hitting it in about 60 over!!!!

Reason - SLICE - I hit every ball like this - thousands of balls at the range - not a single one straight or in the air, just a slice to the right.

I watched pro's - watched videos of myself back when I was playing off 1. I couldn't see a difference.

I took more lessons - 3 different pro's and none could figure out what the problem was :( they all said a different thing without proof or fact - Club open / Club closed / hands...

STRANGE FACT - one day, without warning, actually 2 weeks ago - I was able to hit straight again, went to the Par 3 and played 4 over Par on 18. Played on the main course and hit 5 Over for 9 holes.

Only ONE DAY!! the next day - the slice is back.

SECOND STRANGE FACT - I only slice the ball when I am static. I can drop a ball, not line up, not measure or take a stance. Take one step away from the ball and then "kinda like happy gilmore" take a dynamic step forward, swing and I hit the ball perfect every time.

This is the thing that is really confusing my local PGA pro's. They say it is impossible :(

I hope someone here can help me because I am not happy playing golf anymore - even though I dream about it every night.

My apologies for writing quite so much!!

(My club HCP is still 3 as I haven't played in qualifying events since)

Ok, the problem may be one of wording.  To me, Jordy, you are not describing a slice.  You seem to have developed a case of the shanks.   You are hitting the ball where the face meets the hosel.   I have been there before.   i got so frustrated i quit playing for 12 years..  Just got back into it 6 months ago.  There are many ways to work your self out of this.  Start by hitting half wedges on the range.  Don't worry about how far, etc.  Just make contact.  Concentrate on hitting down, swing easy.  I am only guessing, but i expect part of the problem is tension.  release the death grip on the club.  Think smooth.  Think contact.  Others here may have better ideas.....  But I think the low, rolling shot to your right is a shank, and not a slice.

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Note: This thread is 2851 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Juli was banned for being an imposter. He was a formerly banned troll who kept signing in with new usernames and from different IP addresses.
    • Juli,    Our dominant hands perform millions of everyday task for us that are in our subconscious mind. We never give them a thought. However, the golf swing is NOT in our subconscious mind . It is a learned conscious task that is totally foreign and opposite to human genetics. If it was NATURAL NBA and NFL and other great PRO athletes would be leading the PGA tour .    Our shoulders ( upper arms ) are the most flexible joints in our body . This enables our dominant HANDS to bring food to our mouths so we could survive as humans and they will ALWAYS roll over, turn down unless we force them / teach them to perform otherwise . The DS only takes 2/10 seconds . Whatever key you choose to use must be  preprogrammed / prepared before you ever pull the shaft back . The human brain can only sort out and perform ONE ( 1 ) task in that short amount of time . So - what is that one thought to be ? Well - their is a direct connection between the brain and it’s dominant hand . The right in your case . It is responsible for dropping the entire lever system down back around behind our torso and to stay right palm upward during the entire DS . If we don’t we definitely know what is going to happen and you can see it on any range in the world . It is the turning of the torso ( inner circle ) that squares the face, not the hands ! Yes - I know this sounds radical and some will say so , but check out * Cortical Homunculus * and see where I am coming from.  thanks for your reply . Good luck
    • I get where you are going with this.  The only thing I can think of that would really constitute a "Mental Mistake" is there have been times where I'm forced to used a cart and it's cart path only. I assume I have the correct club and then by time I walk across to my ball (Not sure why I never hit it near the cart-path.) I realize I don't have the "right" club. So, 9 times out of 10 I use the club I have rather then hike back for another one.  Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't I always think "Damned, I'm an idiot."  Pretty much the rest of the time my mistakes come from this list. Hit it off the hosel. Hit it off the toe. Hit it off the heel. Hit it off the bottom. Hit it off the top of the club, or roof of the driver. Shanked it. Thinned it. Or some other unexpected weirdo swing fault that happens.  I would bet "mental" mistakes, on average, probably make up about 1 shot a round for me... maybe less. I played yesterday. Shot an 84.... 12 over par. I don't think any of those 12 were due to "mental" mistakes. I would say that all 12 shots came from "didn't hit it good enough" mistakes.
    • Overhand or underhand? I do think the connection most on this site have is we like talking golf. Most want to improve as well, but may not currently have the time available to put in to improve.
    • Distance is great and all that, but you have to keep it playable. If the driver is costing you 4 penalty strokes a round take some lessons... real lessons with it, not some quick fix crap.
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