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    • No, not that. Sets a very low ceiling. Yes, you’ll get better as you get your timing down and ingrain your swing but you’re also further ingraining bad habits and when your game does go off the rails a bit you’ll have no touchstones for reference. Find a qualified instructor. It can be inexpensive because you don’t have to see them all that often. Learn your bugaboos. Learn your frequent issues and learn how to practice. If you do sign up for Evolvr it’s inexpensive but it does depend on you to practice well. The students who do well dedicate some time to practice. It doesn’t have to be even thirty minutes a day, but it has to be dedicated and done properly. Good luck.
    • We can’t split one post. I edited your first one for you.
    • Here’s the deal Matt. And I speak from experience at both sides of this. You have to determine how much you want it, and then MAKE yourself swing the right speed back so you can MAKE yourself swing the right length. Practicing long swings just ingrains it more. You’re not warming up. You’re practicing. The best drill is doing it right.
    • Maybe one with fewer than nine blind shots in the first eight holes and fewer 210-yard par fours. 🙂 Also, photos!
    • U.S. Open 2021: Tiger Woods turned down NBC's invite to be part of broadcast from Torrey Pines | Golf News and Tour Information | GolfDigest.com  
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