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One thing I've done that has drastically improved my Chipping and Pitching is practice in the back yard with a 5 gallon bucket. I'll normally start at 10-15ft and throw 100 balls at the bucket. The 1st time I did that I got 4 out of 100 in the bucket. Now I routinely get 65-70 in the bucket @ 15ft. I'll go back from there to 30ft and 60ft. In the end it has really helped my accuracy around the greens. Now I figure out where I want to land my ball on the green and "put it in the bucket"

Anybody else do this? How about interesting practice you can do in your back-yard that improves your game/confidence?
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Yea, I'm partial to the 5 gallon bucket. I just need the 100 balls, i've only got about 20 or so that i'll practice with, and that gets pretty aggrivating.

My only question is, when on the course, I'm assuming when you hit the ball "in the bucket", it is typically infront of the hole to allow for ball roll? Or do you aim at the pin and hope it stops short? I'm definately seeing my short game "improving", but I find myself leaving alot of 10-15 ft putts, and I'd like to be much closer. Thanks

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I started to do the same thing in my back yard. I use two 5 gallon pales and hit about 75 balls back and forth while moving them further apart. My short game has got much better. I feel much more confident on the course with my wedge now, as before I was just expecting a bad chip. I just wish I would have started doing this earlier.
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This is something that I am going to start doing also. Only thing is I leave my backyard grass about 3 to 4 inches high. Im going to have to start mowing it a little lower than that as the rough around where I play is only like 2-3 inches max.
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Note: This thread is 5020 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Another not hopeless round of 93 with a lot to work on yesterday.  Fairways 5/14, Greens 5/18 and, 37!! (only one 3-putt) putts, with 6 doubles and a tripple. 5 balls in the water and not making a single putt outside 5 feet is not the recipe for success...  I definitely make a lot of good shots, but with 50% of my teeshots missing left (18% right) I know what I need to work on.   
    • Nice. I’ve got the second generation sensors as well, so I’d like to use them as long as I can. I’ve got a few putter sensors that have gone dead (I assume from the battery) that I can try this out on. 
    • Voted no. I think armlock putting looks kind of weird, especially the Zalatoris armlock claw stroke and Bryson's robotic motion, but I don't really care (I have a LAB DF 2.1, so it's not like my putter looks cool or anything). I don't see a reason to ban armlock as compared to the broomstick or belly putters which actually seem to have an anchor point.
    • Anyone gaming a set of these, I've bought a set of these irons off ebay. I'm feeling the difference between swinging my 6 iron and my wedge, want to try Brysons method of one swing. If you've tried AGX I'd appreciate your feedback, thanks..
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