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    • Up until a month ago I was in the group that echoed the chant of those who are in the forward tees camp.  I feel differently now having played 6,500+ seven times in July (My normal range is 6,100 to 6,200). While it was a thorough beat down and reality check of where my game lies, it has forced me to re-think my approach to the game in a good way. It was very enjoyable even in poor scoring. I will now play back, even two tees any time I have an opportunity. I wasn't any slower than I have been from the forward tees. 
    • The last couple of rounds I’ve been working with a feel in the takeaway that we went over in Erie. It was my third piece after long, slow, high backswing and fast hips A6-8. At A2, I can tend to have the head too far out and the face closed. The feel is letting the face open more and arms move out and up. The head should be less out at A2 and less closed. The split view below shows on the right where I want to be.   I worked on this with 6 iron and driver today. Here’s on of the swings with 6 iron.   My position at A2 looks better here. I also think the feel gets my hands higher at A4. For driver, the feel also seems to help me deliver more speed. I had drives of 268, 249 and a few more in the 230 - 240s the last two rounds where I specifically worked with this feel. That’s up from the 220s. Higher hands let’s my right elbow get in the correct position during the downswing, which I think helps the head from releasing too soon.   I’m a little off with this swing, but will keep working on it. Flight was a push draw with misses only right. Eliminating the hook would be excellent as it losses tons of distance and I can eliminate half the fairway. No driver hooks in this round. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/ScottCurry/round/3083760?hole_id=52405729  
    • Do you have others like this about course design to recommend?
    • Played a round early this morning, played crap but had an eagle on the par 5 12th hole. I hadn't even birdied it yet this year. Its a reachable par 5 in two if I get a good drive on the fairway, I had a 300 yard drive and hit a 6 iron to 2 inches off the green, made a roughly 20ft putt for eagle.
    • @wakefield724, the COVID-19 practice plan day-6/7 drills are my go to anytime I feel like short game technique sucks and is costing me on the course. Try them out and see if they help.
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