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    • This gold medal could be a launching point for Xander. 
    • So guys I have an update. For the past week and a half I have gone to the putting green every day and practiced my putting and chipping for a little over an hour. I hit a bucket twice in that time. Today I shot my new personal best of an 81 at a par 71 course from the whites (69.4/129).     Today’s stats: FIR: 7/13  GIR: 11/18 1 putts: 5 2 putts: 10 3 putts: 3   Other takeaways today: - Five 1-putts and only three 3-putts for me is excellent. I would attribute this to making all of my 2-3 foot putts this round except for one on the back. That said, my chipping was relatively good today, setting up roughly five 1-putt opportunities all of which I converted on.  - I still did not make a single putt today outside three feet. Realistically I think this should happen once or twice a round so I think there is still work to be done on my putting. - Despite hitting only 7/13 fairways I managed to hit 11 greens. I hit driver 11 times today. 10 of which landed 280 yards or more from the tees but 4 of which did not hit fairway. 3 drives put me in the deep rough or woods. 1 ball was lost today. This leads me to believe my mid-short iron parts of my game are strengths, driving is so-so, chipping is so-so and putting is still poor to average. 
    • Boogie!! Worked on the drill some yesterday and today. That’s a good looking backswing.     
    • Well, I got to figure out this huge push slice. Like starts 30-40 yards right and cuts another 10-20.  
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