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    • Today I left home at 3:30 drove 20 minutes each way to the course, paid, putted for a few minutes while someone else finished the first hole (par 3), played 9 holes with a little bit of waiting on the 2nd and 8th holes and made it home by 6:00.  That was a decent pace of play day. And even then I worried that the single bend us was going to catch us and think we were playing too slow. I think he skipped the last 2 holes because I never saw him tee off on #8 while we teed off on #9.
    • When I was much younger golf was something to do when we were drinking.  Now that I am a little more mature I almost never drink when I golf. Probably because I play with my son more than anyone else. My son was our designated driver after a recent day trip with a couple friends.  Even then we didn't drink until the 19th hole.  Tomorrow we are playing in a charity scramble, so there is a chance I will have a couple beers during that round.
    • Today's finishing hole requires that most average golfers layup due to water beginning at 200 yards and requiring a 260 carry to clear it. The last time I played I hit a 4H into the water since fairways are dry and rolling. Today I hit a 6 iron pure and it stopped about 3 feet short of the water. That is as good a 6 that I can hit. And then I had 130 to the pin and hit an A-wedge to 3 feet. So after 2 consecutive best shots ever, I missed the birdie putt for the worst shot ever. I did however play the last 5 holes in 1 over after playing the first 4 in 10 over par (guessing as I quit counting on 1 hole).
    • Day 22: Note: Reverted back to day 22 because I forgot to post yesterday, so my current streak is 22 of 24 days. Woke up with a sore neck, which hasn't gone away yet, so not feeling like doing full swing practice. Did COVID-19 day 6 and 7 drills, and a little backswing practice using LVP camera.
    • Thanks for the outstanding week!! Absolute dream golf trip.
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