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    • She has a beautiful.........Swing.
    • At my home course, there often isn't even the thin layer of sand. It's just rock hard concrete.
    • My iPhone DOES run like crap. Unfortunately I don’t like AT&T either. But I may have to switch to them anyway.
    • I no longer belong to a club, just two groups of golf buddies who love to play everywhere we can anytime we can. But I have had memberships at two. The first was very plush. Everybody who was anybody belonged there, don't you know. Not like that other club across town where "Aren't they mostly just salesmen"? It was almost impossible to break in there unless your grandparents were members. But I learned to play there and had great lessons from a pro's pro...The thin, tan, squinty-eyed cigarette-smoking guy you just knew was a pro. He turned a slicer into a guy who fought a hook for years. Years later, I joined an old, kind of run-down club. It was very historic and had some great pro golfers associated with it in their formative years. Dues were cheap. Members were oilmen, small business guys, lawyers, carpenters, plumbers, bankers, mechanics, retired policemen, clerks and outlaws...You name it. But it never mattered what you did for a living or who you were on the course or in the 19th hole. They had 3 or 4 money games each week. You put up your money and you played. There were team scores, individual scores, points for everything under the sun. You learned to get the ball in the hole anyway you could. And you got good fast or you found yourself out a lot (well, it seemed like a lot) of cash. Certainly, the payouts were pretty good when you won. Unfortunately, the course has gone the way of real estate development and is no more. Guess which one I miss most? Regards to all, -Marv
    • That's dumb. If you are "developing your swing" it's made better by the right amount of feedback. And > 1/2 of the time, the "feedback" doesn't even really include what the ball does. The ball flight takes care of itself. It is. Significantly so. From 140 yards, the gap in fairway vs. rough is a fifth of a shot. From 160, a quarter of a shot. There you go again putting words in my mouth, or (willfully?) mis-remembering stuff. I've pointed out the opposite many times: that the advances in equipment have narrowed the gap between players like Tiger and his peers. You couldn't mis-hit a muscleback 2-iron. You can mis-hit a 3-hybrid a little and still do okay. The gap in skill has been artificially reduced. Jack says it. Tiger says it. I've said it. Of course the modern ball is the "best" BALL "ever." But I've never said it's the best thing for the game, or makes the game most interesting, or whatever you're actually trying to say. 0 for 2 there @Jack Watson. Sorry. Yet… you were wrong. They didn't. They hit down. They launched the ball too low, and with too much spin.
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