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Driving off the tee....consistently! Tips and Advice please!

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RaCs    0

Afternoon guys!

Hope you are all looking forward to the weekend! I am really excited as I've got a round booked for Saturday afternoon and I am enjoying my golfing so much lately its becoming a massive addiction!

Just want some advice and some tips with regards to driving off the tee. I am currently going through a phase whereby my iron play and short game is defintely above average however my driving is currently going through a purple patch! Its funny how things work because it used to be the other way around a few months back, used to be creaming it off the tee however my iron and short game was not very good and it seems to have reversed as I have gone along.

My natural shape is a left to right fade which on occasions I can control and hit it on demand however lately more often than not I seem to be hitting more of a slice than a fade! I have watched numerous videos on how to correct this and most of them say that it is to do with your grip and your address of the ball. I have adjusted this according to the videos and articles i have read however lately i seem to be slicing it more than ever.

I currently use a Nike VRS Covert Performance driver and as you probably all know, it has various settings that you can play around with depending how you hit the ball. Having said this and seeing that i am slicing the ball more than ever lately, would the logical move be to adjust the face to a more closed position and perhaps with less loft? I am playing 10.5 with a neutral face.

My main aim here is to be able to hit consistent drives either straight or with a controlled fade on a regular basis and I would be really grateful for any tips or videos or articles I could read on how to make this happen for me. I know that If i can achieve this then i will be more consistent with my driving and will have more fun playing the game. It will also definately increase my chances in obtaining lower scores as like i said earlier, my iron and short game is playing pretty well lately.

Any advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys!

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arturo28mx    26

There are many factors involved, but my advice would be, make sure you do not sway laterally during your swing, and make sure you do not take your eyes off the ball until after impact.

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