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    • I have stools in my kitchen. It’s how I came up with the description of how the move feels.
    • Not sure there was a particularly awesome shot, but played in a neighborhood scramble today and had a natural eagle on the 18th hole. Hit a 245yd drive down the middle, hit a 210 5W onto the green to 12 ft and made the putt in front of 30 guys from the neighborhood yelling and talking trash from green side. Great hole for me. Only the 4th eagle I’ve ever had.    day overall was decent. The way I hit today was typical for me, not bad, not great.
    • This is bsically the Pelz method, yes?  I do similar, however I don't think I have enough separation between my 1/4 swing vs my 1/2 swing.  Mostly I get too much yardage out of my 1/4 swing.  I have a bit of tape with the yardages written on it on my club just below the grip.   Best feeling, once I shot the pin with my laser and it was 65, so... pulled my 52 degree which had 63 yards (for 1/ backswing) on it. One hit, one bounce, bingo.  I thought I had discovered the holy grail, but found out quickly, golf is hard. But I digress...
    • Out here in WA state I don't know that feeling anymore.  All the barstools have been hidden away for over a year...
    • Distance is a lot more consistent off the 9 wood compared to the hybrid. L to R dispersion may be a bit wider with the 9 wood, but not so much that it creates issues for me.  Quite frankly, at 185 yds I am aiming for the fat part of the green anyhow.
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