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    • Just came across this topic, since it has been on my mind.... and looking for advice on how to get the best out of my range sessions. I know I coming in a bit late on this thread, but thought it was an important one. My range is really close and I have a membership with unlimited balls. I would always start with 2 large buckets (about 200 balls) and alternate 3 balls each on driver, long iron, mid iron and wedge.... with working on one or two aspects of the swing. Started now to add in the drills, since I’m back on TST. Then, I move over to practice green, where I would mix up chip/pitch and putt out.  Along with lag putting practice, and putting from different distances. Right now, I have focusing on putting flow and torso turn. 
    • You’re plenty deep at A4 in both. Do you think about swinging out more from A4 to A5? That’s one feel my instructor has me working on. Steep at A3 and shallow at A5 with swinging out from transition.
    • Yes, but at least Tiger Woods got to be the reigning Masters Champion for an additional seven months.
    • Day 52.  Today included 30 minutes putting (went to a course during a break from work), mostly 6-15', highlight was making two 15' in a row and leaving the third on the back lip.  I also hit three dozen balls (another 30 minute break), working on my priority piece (setup and part of backswing, with hip and chest alignments).  I also did speed sticks protocol one out back.  Today was a good day. 
    • Okay, so, two things: W-I-D-T-H T-I-L-T
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