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What is your favourite golf related T.V commercial?


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Well this thread went balls up lol

:tmade: SLDR X-Stiff 12.5°
:nike:VRS Covert 3 Wood Stiff
:nike:VRS Covert 3 Hybrid Stiff
:nike:VR Pro Combo CB 4 - PW Stiff 2° Flat
:cleveland:588RTX CB 50.10 GW
:cleveland:588RTX CB 54.10 SW
:nike:VR V-Rev 60.8 LW
:nike:Method 002 Putter

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Jamieson Weiss

In my bag:

Driver: Titleist TS3 | 15º 3-Wood: Ping G | 17º 2-Hybrid: Ping G410 | 3-PW Irons: Nike VR Pro Combo | 54º SW, 60º LW: Titleist Vokey SM8 | Putter: Odyssey Toulon Las Vegas H7

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Originally Posted by Fireblade


Originally Posted by Spyder

Show me Kate Upton in a tight little golf outfit and swinging some clubs and I'll give you 30 minutes of my absolute, undivided attention.

I'm more of a Kelly Tilghman man, sadly we never see her in a tight little outfit. AND that is where I am leaving this discussion ;)

Um, I think she may play of the other team....

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Originally Posted by Rick Martin

Um, I think she may play of the other team....

Newsflash: Sexual preference seriously changes how attractive you appear to the "opposite, opposite" sex.

What happened to liking those things you can never have? I'm out...

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Note: This thread is 3506 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • You missed the point. A foot in the air can be tough to pinpoint on the ground. And as Daniel said, you can score with your head, so… And people have two feet. So that's two body parts. 😉 That's not true. It's really not. I've played soccer since I was 3. It's not "too much." Again, you've missed the point… You can score with your head. Or knee. Or chest. Or butt.
    • So I think… There's a chance he plays like a U.S. Senior Open, the Senior PGA, etc. That counts as the Champions Tour. There's no chance he becomes the commissioner. He's an athlete, and though he went to Stanford, he's not a lawyer or a policy guy or whatever. So I think there's very little chance of that. If he was, it'd be as a figurehead of sorts.
    • Give yourself some credit, Matt. You are thinking about this at a deeper level.  You are probably on to something. I suspect you may be able to blend both ideas together. Here's what you made me think about. I'll use this example. Let's say I set the goal to win the tournament I am playing this April. I may shoot the best score of my life each day. I may shoot a score low enough to win the tournament most years. But, somebody else may stand on his head and shoot an even lower score.  I could look at that outcome two ways. I could say "Dang, I didn't achieve my goal." or, "Because I made that goal I played the best tournament of my life."  To your point, if my goals had been: I'm going to practice the weak points in my game for 90 minutes per week. Work on practice habits that will translate to the course. And Do a better job preparing myself for every tournament I play. Then let's say I have the same outcome as above. One might argue that I would have achieved my goals and because of because of achieving my goals I played the best tournament of my life.  So, yes, I guess it could be semantics. I think however, it's something slightly different. For me, it sounds more like making sure the goals I set are actually within my control. For you, it sounds like the goals you are interested in are more life-style goals rather than mile-stone goals.  I think either can work.  Thanks for at least making me think. 👍😁👍
    • I think if he calls that a hole-in-one he is going to be pissing off the golf gods. (Yes, the golf gods are real and they are a bunch of fickle bitches.) 
    • I found this Podcast interesting. I like Adam Grant's Podcast a lot. He does a really good interview.  ‎ReThinking: The problem with setting goals, with NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho on Apple Podcasts ‎Show ReThinking, Ep The problem with setting goals, with NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho - Nov 15, 2022 This topic might be more towards setting big life goals. It is trying to rethink the idea of goals, or should we even focus on goals. The premise is around the following.  1. Goals can actually be limiting if you set a goal that is to easily achieved. Even if the goal seems so far out of reach to begin with.  2. Not achieving a really important goal can be harmful from a psychological standpoint. Example, I do think this hits hard on kids in school. They are told they need to get into X college, or get this scholarship, or get this GPA. It is tough when you put so much energy and focus into a goal you want to hit, and are looking on with massive anticipation for that result you want. If they do not get the result they anticipate, they are devastated.  I was thinking, OK how do I apply this way of thinking to my golf game. I thought it would be better to focus on creating habits that will improve my game. I will not care about how much my game improves. In the end, it would be nice to say, "I want to be a scratch golfer by the end of the year!" But, what about the years after? Did I build the habits to maintain that level? Will my sole focus on that one number cause me to just stop wanting to improve once I hit that goal?  It might be a bit of semantics. I can understand people could argue, "well you are just setting smaller goals". Maybe. I think there is a difference in saying I want to lose 10-lbs in 6 months, versus saying I will create a habit of going to the gym 3 days a week to weight lift,  learn to cook so I can eat healthier, and not buy sugary drinks or snacks to have at home. My objective is to live a healthier lifestyle versus saying I want to lose x-amount of weight. In the end, I do not think I want to be tied down to achieving the goal of one number.  I think you can still measure as you go along. Reassessing habits, or the systems, is a good idea.  Maybe it totally is a non-issue. I found the reframing of this idea of goal setting interesting to ponder. It was on my mind when thinking about golf goals and how I want to go about improving my golf game. Maybe it is because I suck at trying to start good habits, that this sort of idea peaked my interest.   

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