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    • Everything I've read says that getting Covid-19, after being vaccinated, results in mild symptoms and no hospitalization.  And total survivability.  
    • Had a first today, 2 eagles in a row! Played 9 holes with a friend. Definitely an up and down, crazy round. Had fun. Putting got better recently once I took a video and realized I was going out to in. Changed my stance and felt myself go to the inside a bit, just got to keep my left hand stiff. Stat to note, is average score per par. 🤣
    • For those in the know: What is the severity of the case for those who have been vaccinated and have contracted covid19? Is there reliable data?
    • In a Chapman style two man scamble (net) me and my partner shot 81 on a tough private course. It was a bit long for us, both seniors, at 6270 yds. Strangely, though, it wasn't as much the distance as our approach shots, even inside 100 yds. For me, I am having issues with distance, not direction, hitting 60 yd lob shots over the green a bit (5 yds into the rough). We did manage to come in 2nd with a Net 75. Beautiful day in michigan for golf!
    • I have been going to Golf Tec a couple years.  My  first teacher left in March and I took a instructor who was much more organized and has begun to take me step by step. Now he is leaving and I had just signed up for a year because I was excited to have him.  Anyway the owner teaches Stack and Tilt and said he would take me on even though his schedule is busy. Any opinions on Stack and Tilt from experienced people here.  I ask as this thread is older. Also, I had a pro analyze my swing after I bought, "The Hanger" online. (It was part of the package), and his opinion was that Stack and Tilt was ineffective.  I struggle with consistency. Handicap 28.    
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