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The Importance of finding your tempo

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I was trying out some irons at a demo day and frankly was struggling.  Perhaps I was inadvertently speeding up my swing to gain a little more distance from the dead range balls, or that I felt uncomfortable hitting balls under the watchful eye of a manufacturer salesman/fitter.  Finally, he said, "your swing is all about tempo."  I relaxed and went to my "loose and long" easy swing and began hitting the ball well with my familiar slight draw.

I wonder how much better the quality of one' swing/ball flight would be if we stop trying to swing like our buddy or the guy that just bombed it on the Tee before us and just "swing my swing"!

I'm convinced that everyone has their own distinct tempo and that when we groove (of course with proper technique) to that tempo, we will see our very best results?

I think tempo involves more than speed.  It is all about the pace, pause (if any) and follow through of a swing to maximize the coordination and power of our core engine for better ball flight and distance.

How about you? What importance do you put on tempo in your own game?


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It is all about tempo for me. I should only watch LPGA events for tempo. Lashing at it is death for me.

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A few years ago I went to the Safeway Classic in Portland and did nothing more all day than absorb the players' rhythm and ease with which the ladies swung.

The next day I played and shot a 78 by imitating the feeling that I took away for the tournament, and it was easy.

Much of what I would learn from a 25-year-old PGA player's swing is how to hurt myself.


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    • In the world of putting if it works I would just carry on  I don't think I can "nose " putt like that  I do something similar.  I trace the line with my eyes and set my set along the target line. My rear eye is dominant and as my eyes are tracing the line from my AP to the ball I like to keep my eyes behind and beneath the ball  Then once me eyes trace back to a the line behind the ball then I automatically start my backstroke.  This seems to work well with my odessay #9 putter or when belly wedge .  
    • All your comments are valid, but I should point out that all the tips I have been given have come via very good golfers. I am also a great believer that the best instruction doesn't have to come from the best golfers, much like any sport, and to some degree life in general. There are great school teachers who don't have children, if you get my point. The best golf tip I have ever received,and it knocked two shots off of my handicap over night, came from a 9 handicapper, not a pro. We sometimes fall into the trap of thinking a pro is a messiah, and somebody with less personal ability  doesn't have the knowledge to give instruction. I play against some very inexperienced golfers who would benefit from my tips, but I don't give them the help they need, because of the aforementioned concept. 
    • Got the new wedges yesterday and here are my initial thoughts.  1 - finish is much softer, more like a satin finish and not nearly as bright as the images on Rock Bottom's website. I consider it a plus.  2 - did a little chipping with them and some full swings using foam balls and they seem very well balanced and I swing them well as others I have tried that cost more. 3 - the components seem well made, the grips are a little disappointing (thin feeling) but they aren't unusable. I've been planning to get new grips for my driver and fairway woods anyhow so I need to do 5 instead of 3 now, no biggie. Hoping to get 9-holes in at the Par 3 course tomorrow evening and see how they perform there and how the finish holds up.
    • I'll take a stab at interpreting hasty smart phone predictive typing post. "Tiger in his 2014 and early 2015 days before taking the break for his injury was generally behind the field in strokes so how was that affecting his ego?" Was I close @Natural Patrick?
    • IMO it's not a sport, period. As far as the skills, I'm hardly an expert but it seems a little more like billiards with knowing banking angles. Don't see a lot of curving breaks across slopes, occasional ramps yes, but they tend to be straight. Lots of holes don't have the penal downhill runout where the ball goes forever on a miss. I wonder how these carpets typically stimp?
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