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    • Day 484: Did some feel rehearsals for my backswing priority piece. A bit of mirror work and noticed my takeaway was getting inside so did some “Matt Wolff- feel” rehearsals Then did some COVID-19 day-3, 4, 5 drills. Some slow 9-3 swings. Contact all over the place. Kind of at a loss for what the issue is right now. Glad I have a lesson tomorrow. 
    • Day 98 (14 Apr 21) - more mirror work with the modified stork exercise to keep the body from overshifting (note to self: harder to do at night w/tired body)...followed with lag putt drills to roll specific distances...ended with more time in front of the mirror using the putter as the pointer on the shoulder turn....
    • Long ago and far away, back when I had more hair on my head than in my ears, I had a boss that liked to say that he always gave me the toughest jobs because I was the laziest guy he ever knew and, therefore, would always find the easiest way to get the job done. Unfortunately, laziness hasn't helped my golf swing. I may need to actually start working at it. Ewwww! What an onerous thought. Must be time for a beer.  😁
    • I mean, that's not the only reason I posted it. There are a lot of things that are a grind, but sometimes getting lost in that grind is the trick to getting it done.
    • If it makes you feel better, I read it, passed it along to my son, and never made to connection to working on the swing changes. 
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