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dave s

Finally hitting solid iron shots ... here's why

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...and I could be preaching to the choir, here.  My mid-range game has been killing me so far this season.  So badly that I couldn't even tee up a mid-iron on a par 3 and make solid contact!  I'd like to blame it on new irons, but we all know it's not the clubs, it's the guy swinging them.

Hit enough balls at the range that things seemed to be getting worse rather than better.  Time to stop, do some soul searching and just think why my ball striking is so pathetic.  This is what has finally worked:

1.  Keep your head still.  If your head and body follow the club during the takeaway, it's really difficult to get BACK into a good position provided your setup was good to begin with.  It shouldn't move up or down, either.

2.  Rotate your body through the shot!  My arms and hands were outracing my body so badly that I couldn't get over on my left side to make solid contact.  Everything was 2" BEHIND the ball resulting in weak, low hooks off the toe of the club.  So embarrassingly ugly!

3.  Finally, just SLOW DOWN!!!  The worse my shots got, the shorter my swing became.  Thinking that 'reigning things in' might help.  It didn't.

Fast forward to last week ending with an 18-hole round Sunday.  Hit some TV-quality shots.  Hit greens with a #5-hybrid, all shorter irons as well.  Rock solid, perfect contact, club handle forward at impact, compressed ball, high ball flight with just a hint of draw, good ball marks on green from shots that hit, bounced once and stopped.

Last shot on #18 yesterday was from middle of fairway, 145 yards to pin into a stiff 25 mph breeze.  Hit a 6-iron, pin high to 8' and finished with a birdie.  Had been hitting the irons like that all day.

Let's hope this continues to work.  Please, I'm begging!


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Note: This thread is 2733 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Updated Nevada rules, have to start wearing a mask on the range, went into effect yesterday 👎 Doing a lot of slow reps, taking it to 4 withe knees staying over the feet and then breathing into it. Legs are looking more stable, matching up well with the handle being more forward/shaft steeper on the downswing. When I can keep the femur "spread" it feels like the club works "straighter" into the ball rather than under and out to the right.   
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