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    • Like I said, a lot of it is weather-based. I'm disappointed because I feel like the identity of the tournament, and why most people love the US Open, is because of its toughness. I was watching it at a bar with friends yesterday and everyone was like "Isn't this the US Open? Why does it look so easy? And the risk of putting it on a short track along the seaside is you depend a lot on wind to make it tough. And if the wind doesn't blow, you get what you get. However, the USGA also has thrown the players some bones this week. I was there every day in 2010. It really wasn't that windy. Two of the days were just like they've been this week. One day was sunny but pretty calm, and another was sunny and breezy. The first round lead was -2 that year and less than 10 players broke par. The difference was a couple things: 1) The greens were fast from the start in 2010. They didn't water them as much pre-tournament as they did this week. Watching the Golf Channel earlier in the week, they said the USGA was putting a lot of water on the greens pre-tourney and the course was very soft Wednesday. In 2010, they did very little watering pre-tourney. 2) They've used some easy pin positions this week. They never used the pin on 17 in the front in 2010. Never used the pin on 14 like they did Thursday. Players beat that pin up. Don't remember them using the pin at 3 right there in the front like they did on Friday. They set up pins on 9 and 10 more towards the ocean in 2010 as well. They've used hole locations on the left side of the green this year more often rather than the ocean side. Not saying those changes would have made a ton of difference, but it could have made things a little trickier on the greens and more demanding on the approaches. But I would 75% of the easy scores have to do with the weather. Even if they made those changes, the leading score would probably be somewhere between 5 and 8 under.    
    • Ok so now it’s been the second time doing the drill and it’s going much better. Actually hitting the balls. And getting them to curve right to left is a great experience. Will be doing this drill for a while before trying it with my full swing. @iacas am I doing it right?  
    • Yeah I've had the Samsung 4 TB SSD bookmarked for almost a year on newegg and Amazon.  It was $1500 or something ridiculous at first and now it's $600.  I'd be comfortable buying it at $600 but since I'm in no hurry I'll probably wait for for black friday and see if it drops some more.  I bought my current 500 GB SSD for about $400 6 years ago and it was one of the biggest SSDs at the time so I agree the trend with these things is nice.   I'm not much of a fan of the cyberpunk theme either but I'm sure I'll pick it up eventually.  It's really the only AAA title game I've heard anything about for 2019 which seems odd.  Maybe that means there's a lot of good things lined up for 2020.
    • I see your point, but remember Pebble is a short track.  Further, because the greens are so small, hitting the middle of the green yields a makeable putt quite often.  This was exacerbated by soft greens as well.   Back in 2010, there were like 10 players under par after the first day, but the wind really kicked up later on.  Nonetheless, we still saw some really low scores here and there, like DJ's low one on Saturday before his collapse.  The USGA "tricked up" some holes then too with shaved banks and much faster, yet bumpy greens.  To me, this year they got the course in really good shape and just let them play.  I want to see a tough test, but I also don't necessarily want it contrived to the point that good shots aren't rewarded.  I'm fine with "punishment" if you don't hit the right tier or whatever, but I don't want to see well-struck shots hitting the middle of the green rocketing over the back and into a hazard. I think this year has been pretty good by and large. There's only 23 as I looked currently.  I don't think how many players are over or under par matters much.  It's more about scoring relative to everyone else.  That's how the players will view it too; I don't think anyone cares what they shoot so long as it is better than the next guy.  
    • Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I’m disappointed that the US Open is not a true US Open this week. I understand the weather has a lot to do with it, but I also feel the USGA has given in a little bit to the players demands of making the setup easier. 30 players under par sounds more like a PGA Championship rather than a US open. The US Open has an identity, and if the USGA decides to lighten up and let the Championship become more like the RBC Heritage, then it’s not the US Open anymore. I’ve heard Jason Gore is trying to “please the players more”. What makes the US Open is the challenge, not guys double digits under par.
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