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    • @Yff Theos Cp cf hit v swing  etc... None of these antiquated and mistaken false dichotomies have much relevance.   Saying a thing like a cp swing has low rate of closure and cf has high really means little.  Also you mention that you know how effective teaching either would be based on player type?  Sounds fishy to me. Correlating roc to skill at ballstriking is highly questionable. Instagram and you tube are not teachers.  IMO if you really want to get somewhere it takes years of experience.  IMO you sound like a person that absolutely correlates kinematics and skill.  Modern research is beginning to find that this is not the case as previously thought. online we all love data and some folks get all into the techy discussions about details.   Ultimately though information is just that.  The player has to execute the shot and that doesn't happen by analyzing the number three accumulator and also it's not a deal where you simply choose how to swing based on the quality of information you know.  Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and there are variations in athletic tendencies.   Mac was a great athlete and totally obsessed with golf.  Maybe it's easy for you to think well I like his mechanics so I will swing like that and teach what he did. But...  
    • @Golfingdad, as you know, he said "2-3 rotations." And the pixel math was on an angle that would make it as short as possible. And when you're talking about 10.56" vs. at least 18", that's a significant margin. Even 15.8 vs. 18" is a non-negligible percentage. But since you brought it up (while I happened to be in front of the TV): 1472.08 ball to hole, 263.62 width of the hole.
      263.62 / 4.25 = 62.02823529 pixels/inch.
      1472.08 pixels / 62.02823529 px/in = 23.73241788 inches. Almost exactly two feet.
    • That's a shame... so much talent. I hope she makes the change.
    • I used a launch monitor today and recorded ten swings from 5 clubs. These were all full swings at about 80%-90% effort. Everything but the driver was without a tee. The employee suggested I discard the duffs, but I decided to keep them. They lowered my averages but I thought they were a good "snapshot" of how I hit. No real surprises on distances or side angles (other than the pull hooks with my 5w), but the numbers on the driver may have provided something to work towards.  I have to do a better job of controlling my low point. Currently, I seem to be bottoming out too close to the ball. I'll have to review "How to hit the driver further" thread. 7i   5w   5i   Driver   4i
    •   You guys are less than 2.2" apart with these estimations.
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