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What kind of car do you drive?

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Yea mine came with them from the dealer. I think it is a part of the rallye edition. I also got power sunroof, touch screen radio, heated leather seats, etc etc. Heres an actual picture of mine

Okay. My Dad bought this car in 1974 for $375. He drove it as his daily driver for years and I grew up riding around in this. He spent ten years restoring it himself but then never really drove it

pic ?

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2005 Infiniti G35x

Purchased it as a graduation gift when I graduated college back in 2007. Had 20k miles when I bought it and the odometer currently sits at 125k. Has been an absolute dream of a car to own, absolutely zero issues other then just your regular routine maintenance. Car is an absolute beast is the crappy upstate NY winters.

Due to the rigors of my job (being involved in more construction sites as an engineer) my next purchase is going to probably be a truck. I sat in the brand new re-designed Chevy Silverado at an auto show recently and I was in love. I would probably lean towards purchasing its counterpart the GMC Sierra though.

I'll try to upload pics of my Infiniti this afternoon.

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My daughter moved to NYC and had more in payments on her car than the blub book value. So, when the lease on my 2008 Chevy Impala was up, I took over the payments to her car, a 2008 Saturn Aura, which is now my car.

I am 6'3" tall and it has a lot of space issues for a man my size, but this car has been awesome. Good gas mileage, descent acceleration, best cornering car I have ever owned, and low maintenance costs (I haven't changed brakes yet and only one set of tires in three years).

I've gotten used to a little less space than I like, because it is such a good car. Too bad Saturn went out of business.

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2011 Ford Ranger extra cab got it new in 2012  great on gas also thought my son would want it next year when he turns 16. His girl friend is now 90% of the time in a wheel chair so it fits well for that.

2010 BMW 328i.wife's -blue

2010 BMW 328i mine -black but always in the shop it is a POS!

Just sold my 2009 Black Dodge 4 door truck with 6" CST lift, 36" tires 18" rims all blacked out. Was putting in $150 +/- a week in gas so it sat in the drive way most of the time.

Now looking for a new car for me but cant make up my mind at this point maybe an Audi A4 once the BMW goes?

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Wife's ride - 2013 Subaru Outback 3.6R

Our glorified golf cart. Stays in the garage with the top down and doors off. 2002 Jeep Wrangler

Company car - 2010 Ford Fusion. 62k miles. Burning up the roads to get to 70k so I can trade in for our new fleet vehicles....Ford F150s, OH YEAH! !

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Note: This thread is 1998 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Unless they changed something, GG has no way to collect hole position on the fly, so the only way to get it would be through editing afterwards.  I think that automatic detection of the putting stoke will always be a bit iffy, but that it the price to be payed for not having to tag.  
    • I originally had a handicap goal (which was carried over from last year BTW). But since it only contributes to more stress and less enjoyment as my handicap has steadily risen this year, I have decided to just have a goal of breaking 100 more often.
    • Day 78 (6/21/21) - Practiced toe down chipping in the yard.
    • Finally broke 90 yesterday and shot a +15.  Main areas I felt that helped a lot bring the low 90 scores under 90 were the following: - Got more consistent with driver. Went from slicing almost everything badly to occasionally slicing a third of the time. It is a lot improved from where it was last year, but i feel like it is still the worst club in the bag for me. I feel like i can shave off another 2-4 strokes if I can keep it consistently on the fairway. - Play a lot more looser and don't overthink things. I tend to tighten up and screw up the short game if i overthink it. - Don't three putt - More consistent Iron play. My misses are a lot less horrible w/ the irons compared to last year. 
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