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    • LL had an app for GPS 😃 Those leather seats at LLB were really nice though.
    • For those of us who went on the trip, and who played Mammoth, SV, Lawsonia, and LLB, let's do this: everyone write down your favorite first hole, your favorite second hole, etc. Let's see what the composite course looks like. Say a few words about why each hole is your favorite. Some guides and links to help everyone remember the holes: The Links — The Golf Courses of Lawsonia The Club at Lac La Belle | Powered by Envisage https://static1.squarespace.com/static/576025fa22482e70f0278a4d/t/5cafa7d07817f7c9673f0a6d/1555015644415/MammothDunes+Course+Guide.pdf https://static1.squarespace.com/static/576025fa22482e70f0278a4d/t/5cafb38ce4966b8002e86f9a/1555018646008/Sand+Valley+Course+Guide.pdf
    • This^  A range near me shut down early on a Wednesday because they were mowing the next day and they wanted to get all the balls off the range so the mower didn't hit them. 
    • He's clearly saying that if you hit 11 GIR and shoot 90, you should work on your putting as that is the weak part of your game. A person who hits 11 GIR "should" shoot about 73, so if you're hitting 11 GIR, and you shoot 90, it's likely not your full swing (or "long game") that needs work. So again, just stop. You're missing the point. For a short time, the player should probably focus on his putting. Not 50% in the long-term, but in the short term, sure.
    • Marauders, bogey. The military tie-in stuff was weak, which made the whole story line weak. The American, par. I almost gave this a bogey, too. Normally assassin movies rate highly for me, but this one, meh. He was a gunsmith and an assassin? I don't know. Did he die at the end? He knew he was injured. Mortally so? Whatever. This isn't Butch Cassidy.
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