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Scratch Standard advice and expectations

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Got my handicap down to 7, in a pretty short space of time (only been playing about a year and only had a handicap since october). Really aiming at scratch standard or better, and it is simple to say you need to par each hole but was just wondering for practice purposes what the targets should be. Obviously the nearer the hole the better but for drills specifically what should I be focussing on and what are the requirements.

For example out of:

5 tee shots Driver- (% of fairways hit and average yardage?)

5 tee shots 3 Wood/Hybrid (% fairways hit and average yardage?)

5 Par 3 tee shots - Greens HIt?

Fairway Iron Play- 190, 180, 170, 160, 150, 140 (out of 5)

green side Bunkers up and down %

longer bunkers (30/50yards)

and putts, roughly the average

just roughly wanted some advice (preferably from scratch or better players) to how you structured your practice (what you focussed on, how you practiced), and what standards you set within these sessions.



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Originally Posted by mikep34

For example out of:

5 tee shots Driver- (% of fairways hit and average yardage?) 2.5/5 fairway, 2/5 just miss, 0.5/5 bigger miss (250 yds off the tee is plenty to have reasonable approach shots into greens on just about every course)

5 tee shots 3 Wood/Hybrid (% fairways hit and average yardage?) 3/5 fairway 2/5 just miss (3 wood - 220, hybrid 200)

5 Par 3 tee shots - Greens HIt? 3/5

Fairway Iron Play- 190, 180, 170, 160, 150, 140 (out of 5) 170 out - hitting green, 140-160 - inside 25 feet

green side Bunkers up and down % 40%

longer bunkers (30/50yards) 20%

I quickly posted general expectations for guys who are about scratch players. It's important to keep in mind that you don't have to hit the ball or play perfectly to be a scratch, it's about controlling your misses and managing your game to optimize your score. Also if you're curious, check out the stats page. It has loads of useful information so you can gauge how the pros stack up and set your targets towards the bottom tier of tour pros (which would be similar to a scratch handicaps statistics)

In practice, if you can play little competitive games where you put pressure on yourself to accomplish a goal it will go a long way. For example: Stand on a tee away from the clubhouse in the afternoon when there's no one else around and try to hit 4/5 in the fairway (if this option isn't available, you can create fairway lines on the driving range instead).

And congratulations on getting down to a 7. I know many guys who play 3-4 times a week for years who can't get lower than a 10, so kudos.


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    • Glad you're piecing together things that work for you, @paininthenuts, but I've been around here long enough to have read stuff from instructors that: what works for one person may not work for another. tips are generally not a good way to build a swing.  I know the site prides itself on having solid instructional advice, so when high-handicappers like you and me post advice, it might be best to put out some caveats like "hey this worked for me, but I'm not an expert. Anyone else?"  Just a thought- meant as a friendly hint, not a scolding. I mention this because I know you're always an entertaining poster here, and I've seen quite a few folks go down in flames over disputes where a person was giving specific golf advice when they were simply not qualified or were putting out complete misinformation (perhaps unintentionally). I just don't wanna see history repeated like that.
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