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    • First you get the strike...then you get the speed !! Strike is boss...the first thing that you should ask yourself after every shot that you hit is how did I strike it.  If you struck it well...proceed to analyze the shot, and if you didn't strike it well, disregard the results and go back and fix the strike because the shot didn't end up where you wanted it to because poor strike should NEVER be apart of your plan.  In my opinion you aren't truly playing golf until a solid strike can be taken for granted and ignored.  Planning for a miss or taking one extra club is not the same thing either because the intention is to still strike it solidly.  Impact is boss.
    • And that is why I will never try to copy a Pros swing. Sure it looks effortless on the surface but his back has been ripped to shreds over the years and swinging as hard as you can from the top is never going to be the most efficient means to hit a golf ball.  Putting the speed on at the right time is how a swing can be perceived as effortless by a golfer. Even if the intent is to do nothing you will still do something but the goal should still be to let the club do most of the work. In my opinion trying to hit the ball as hard as I can and asking myself what is the minimal amount of effort needed to get the job done are too very different things.  
    • You’re some what making my point here? Hit the ball badly and get a 208 yard result or hit it well and get a great result (246 yards)? To improve your total distance by simply swinging harder is very difficult for most people.  If you are hitting the ball so badly that a 94 mph swingspeed delivers only 208 yards, to increase the total distance to 245 yards, without making swing changes, requires a swingspeed of around 110 mph.  I just can’t see that happening for most people? In addition, quality of strike generally deteriorates as swingspeed increases - it stands to reason that hitting the ball in the middle becomes more difficult if you’re trying to swing out of your shoes.
    • The evidence is all around you should you choose to accept it or not and golf isn't the only sport that is experiencing this. The gap between the best and the worst players, especially in Pro sports, is ever decreasing and this is fact.  It is more difficult to be a Pro or College athlete than it was 20 years ago and it is becoming more difficult everyday.  Technology, coaching, and training are without question better than 20 years ago. Bigger, faster, and stronger athletes are also choosing golf and a 6'2" 180 lb golfer simply has a better chance to make it to the pros in relation to a 5'8" 160 lb golfer if  they are both being introduced to the game at the same time and being exposed to the same training modalities. That is why the NFL combine exists because the foundation of sport is based on measurables. The bigger, faster, and stronger athletes have the best chance to succeed in sport. Not saying they will...but they have the best chance to succeed.      Even if the fields are marginally better...the fact is...it is harder to be dominant now than it was 20 years ago because golfers are better so those margins are harder to overcome. It all trickles down from the top and makes it tougher to succeed at all levels of the sport.  Corey Pavin doesn't even exist on tour in today's day and age because hitting it 250 doesn't cut it on tour today.  Not when there are videos of 13 year old on youtube shooting 63 from the tips at respected golf courses in sanctioned tournaments while hitting it 290 yards off the tee. That shift has happened within one generation of the sport and all sport right before out eyes.  
    • I don't understand why you would say that.  Tiger was not and is not the most influential golfer ever.  In fact when it comes to style, I'd say he has had a somewhat negative influence.  And, he was a coddled child literally bred to play golf; that's not something that golfers can aspire to.  So, I'm not sure what you mean by "influential."   Vardon was the early innovator and introduced the grip that most people still use.  Jones was a major celebrity and elevated the game worldwide, demonstrated utmost integrity, gave true meaning to "play for the love of the game", as well as being a pioneer in instructional video and an excellent writer, to boot. Hagen innovated wedge bounce.  Hogan's swing is more influential than Tigers, to this day.  Player introduced working out and nutrition.  Palmer was a celebrity-media pioneer.  ...  
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