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Rocketballz *4 Rescue Stiff Shaft, Used/Demo...

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I am looking for a Rocketballz 22* 4 Rescue/Hybrid.. Used or Demo in Good Shape.. I've tried Ebay, and either can't find a dealer I trust or get sniped over my limit in the closing minutes. Trying to keep it between $55-70 with shipping.. I live in Virginia, South of Richmond.  The lack of Golf stores in the area is killer, I had to devert on a road trip through North Carolina to stop and test fit some irons at Golfsmith in Raleigh.

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    • Since the putter doesn't hang straight down, it will always have an arc in it unless you do some strange adjustments with the putting stroke.   
    • I try to walk any time the course allows it to spare the monstrous cart fee if nothing else.   Certainly I understand why courses may need to have cart path only, but I just won't do it again.  You decent golfers can pound balls down the concrete path and it isn't that bad. My buddy and I can't (or not on that day anyway). The time we wasted going back and forth was mind-numbing. The home course is easily walked. If I venture out and cart path only is a risk, I'm going to call and ask.   
    • I wouldn't second-guess your personal decision, but there are times when Cart Path Only is exactly the right choice for a club/course to make.  I'd rather do the extra walking than allow carts to make ruts and other damage all over the course.  I know from personal experience that even the most observant drivers will occasionally drive a cart into a bad spot.  And beyond that, I'd rather walk most times, and particularly when its CPO.  But I'd almost always prefer to play golf than to drive to the course and go back home without playing.
    • I tried an Alien wedge, years ago, just for the hell of it.  I gave it a couple rounds then went back to my Wilson.  At present I have a left-handed club in the bag...although I do not think of it as a "gimmick".
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