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Bad Breaks

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You've had them, Ive had them, we've all had them. This thread is for the bad breaks, whether it be just regular bad breaks, or the worst breaks youve ever seen in person or on television. It can be a good shot gone horribly wrong, or a bad shot gone even worse. Ill start one off

Charles Howell III at the Buick Invitational, Tigers first win in a long time in 2005. Howell was 1 or 2 back heading into 18, which is the par 5(fairly sure its a 5) with water infront of the green. Howell is hitting a wedge, his ball literally goes into the hole on the fly, this ball was IN, somehow it bounces straight backwards out into the water. It was disgusting, if Tiger had still birdied 18 hed have tied Howell and thered have been a playoff, assuming the ball had gone in (which it did, then by some act of god came out).

Me personally, I hit a great shot all over the flag a few weeks ago, hits the stick, bounces straight over the green and up against a fence, it was horrible. When I first started out I also was pitching up a hill with a cart path next to me and water behind, my ball clipped a branch, hit the cart path going down hill, bounced about 3 times into the hazard, was unbelievable. Thats just one of many Ive seen, but ill need to try to jog my memory some to truly grasp how awful it was.

So post them, all of them, not hearsay, what youve seen.
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This happened at our state section tournament back in my high school days. Kid hits par 4 in 2 has aboout a 25 foot birdie putt coming up. Lines up his put, gets over his ball and lets it go, traveling along fine when....Yup you guessed it, it hits a dog leg. Not a golf course dog leg, but an actual dog leg. I did't see this happen, but my teammate was in the group with the kid. I guess the dog that was sitting near the green and happened to get up and run in front of the ball while the kid was putting. They were not sure what the rule was so he played it where it ended up and wound up with a 3 putt.
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First hole at the Town of Colonie, I wiped my drive right under some trees. I get up to the ball and the lie isn't too bad, there's an opening that I can punch it out of back into the fairway. I hit a 3 iron off my back foot with my stance a little too open and it hits a tree and ricochets backwards and slips under the net into the driving range. Hello triple bogey, so nice to see you!
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At my club stroke championship, I am playing with the club president.
7th hole, Par 5 uphill the last 60 yards.
Hits his 3rd shot on the green, spins it back off the green and it rolls 60 yards back.
Hits hit 4th shot back on the green about 10 feet above the hole and it sticks. Hits his 5th shot, a downhill putt, misses the hole gathers up speed and watches it go the entire 60 yards back down the hill.

He DQ'd himself out of the tournament as he put his ball in his pocket, he was so angry !!

Same hole, I am next to green in two, chipping up to near the hole in three so I can putt for my birdie from below the hole. I chip it up, the ball curls around, does not stop and goes the same 60 yards down the same hill.
I end up with a 7 as I made sure to leave myself an uphill putt after my next shot. Hello double-bogey !! NO DQ though

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LOVE your avatar dwsell!!!

I forget the course but the hole was a loooong par 5 that I somehow managed to find the middle of the fairway of. I probably had about 230-250 to the front, so I grabbed my 3 wood, a club I am notoriously unable to hit, hoping to get it close. We had been paired up with a single who was really good and highly complimentary of my drive, so I was already fairly nervous standing over it.

I absolutely tattooed it. Perfect ball flight, dead straight, would have left me with an easy chip on. I don't know what it hit...a pine cone...a rock...a sprinkler cover...but it's first bounce was dead left and put me directly behind a massive oak tree in front of the green with no anlgle at the green at all. Had to chip flip over my club head to hit back on the fairway because it was so close to the trunk and ended up with something far worse than par...can't even recall what.
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Just yesterday I was on the course and I was absolutely disgusted with my round. In the first 5 holes I ahd only made two pars, and I was sitting at +5. I was really unhappy. So we come up to #6, a 340yd par 4, and I decided that I was hitting driver. Now this bad course management to begin with, but I figured why not. Now there's a big creek running down the right side, and a bunch of trees down the left. This is definitely a two iron kind of hole. Well I rip my drive, straight down the pipe. I mean it was a beaut. It was so good I quit watching and picked up my tee and started smiling at my buddie. Then I see his mouth drop open and his eyes pop out of his head. Apparently my ball hit the little yardage block in the fairway or a sprinkler head or something because my ball took about a 40 yard kick straight through the fairway into the drink. I was disgusted. I couldn't even believe it.
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Oh my god JKillgore that must have been the worst thing ever. The only real bad breaks I've had are ripping drives and they land in a divot or hitting a perfect shot and it hits the smallest possible branch and cannons out of bounds, real annoying stuff.
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I have had 2 mishaps on the 7th hole.

1- I was in the bunker from about 185 out, i pull a 5 iron and make nice contact, land on the green and hit the pin, it hit the pin hard and rolled really far right about 10 feet off the green.

2- 7th hole again, about 150 out, I hit a nice 8 iron, but a little left, it should have bounced off the hill and landed on the green, instead it hits a sprinkler cover dead on and rolls right again way off the green.

3- 4th hole im in a forest, and i try a hero shot trying to get onto the fairway, i hit a tree and the ball comes flying back at my head, luckily i had fast reflexes and dodged the ball, it was pretty sweet.
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Haha, I've hit a tree before as well. I was in the rough from about 160, so I pull out a 7 Iron, and hit what trajectory and feel wise seemed to be a good shot, until it hit a tree and came right back at me.

Other than that, I've only really gotten several bad breaks from hitting the top of hills....for instance where one slope is to the green, the other into a bunker, my ball always seems to get the unlucky bounce.
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Note: This thread is 5113 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • My home course closes its range for maintenance Monday mornings or Tuesday if a holiday falls on the Monday. The sign indicates they re-open by 1 p.m.  That makes sense for them. It's always a busy course, but evening leagues are really big business.  Closing at 3 p.m. seems a bit odd to me, but if that suits the course's clientele, that's what they'll do. I hate mats.  We usually get stuck with the damn things after October. It is a much better thing that the course close the range for a brief period of time once a week and keep the turf up to snuff.    
    • Replace the grip if you want, but a new putter won't matter (unless it makes you practice more).  There's some great putting and short game drills in chapter 9 of Every Shot Counts by Mark Broadie. His drills are also games, with scoring that measures objective skill level.   Also recommend The Putting Bible by Dave Pelz. 
    • A strange round of golf yesterday. I played from the red tees (plays just 5350 yards).  My ballstriking is not very crisp these days, but hopefully I can sort that out soon. It was a round of two halves, as usual. Front 9:  Could not hit fairways or greens at all on the front, 2/9 greens and 2/6 fairways, but still shot +2 on the front. That includes 2 shots in the bunker on hole 4, a horrible misshit that lead to a double on hole 7, topped my driver 80 yards twice and the only 2 fairways I hit were with short irons in hand. 11 putts on the front 9 says a lot about that tretch of holes.  Birdie on both par 5s on the front is allways nice.  37 shots, par 35 Back 9:  A little better ballstriking even though I hit 2 shots OB, leading to a tripple and a double, 4/7 fairway and 4/9 greens. The short game was more off here and I left a couple of chips a bit short. 17 putts is not as good as I'd like it to be. 1 threeputt, but I think I would threeputt from there more often than not, as it was a 60 foot downhill putt with a lot of break where I gave it a little to much speed. Birdie on hole 15 (short par 3) and on hole 17 was nice, and I missed a short birdieputt on, the tough par 3, 11. Had 165 yards in after a decent drive on the par 5 18, but managed the top the approach and miss the green from 90 yards after that and walk off with a bogey after also missing the 5 foot par save. 44 shots, par 37.  81 shots is not bad, but I make to many misstakes from tee, making golf a lot harder than it needs to be. I hit driver on 8 holes: 1 fairway hit (265 yards), 1 OB, hit short and low slices mostly except from the two topped 80 yard ones, avg. 240 yards today. My drives are usually 270-320 yards depending on wind and course, so my driving is not where it should be. My short game is not perfect, but it's certainly better than my hcp right now.  Playing a round at an away course today. There is a curse hanging over that course that needs to be lifted. Good luck me 😉  
    • Our range closes early on Sunday to do a “clean pick”, and reopens at 11:30 on Monday. It is mowed early Monday. The course is closed until noon on Monday’s.
    • If you do get a new putter, get fit first. Try a bunch out at a golf store and see what kinds you like first. Then find a good fitter to get your numbers down, length, lie, loft and overall weight. Heavier putters can help with distance control for some folks. Also, a different grip size may help even if n your current putter. For distance control, having a consistent rhythm helps. In my visit to Erie, Erik had me work on increasing my rhythm a bit because I was a bit too slow and it varied. I have a tempo app on my phone and set my rhythm to 2/4 time at 72 bpm. When I practice putting, I first work on my rhythm for short, medium and long putts. Then I work on read and start line. This drill can help too.  
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