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    • I play a full bag, but as a kid I played all even-numbered irons (because my uncle split an old set into two to spread the wealth). Your yardage gaps are larger of course, but playing this way will teach you to "take a little off" certain shots.  More recently, I've played a number of 3-4 clubs and a putter, and even one club, challenge rounds. It is remarkable how well you can get around the course with less than 14 clubs. You're handicapping yourself, to be sure, but if enjoyment is your primary motivation on the course... why not go lighter? There's no need to over think it. Just take every other club (plus any you just don't want to leave behind) and see how that goes. If you play one course routinely, you may find that you need a certain distance more often, but you can always adjust.
    • Ok, I surrender  The things that both of them have done make my head spin. When Tiger crushed par while the entire rest of the field couldn't sniff it in his Pebble Beach Open win, wow.....just how in hell does someone dominate like that?
    • I've been playing the AP3s for a few months. I have an 8.3 index, for what that's worth (doesn't really tell you how I play, just how many). They do a great job of rescuing your bad shots while still allowing you to work the ball when that's needed. Unlike some players distance irons, these have been consistent for distance (ie., good contact/swing produces XXX yards, +/- a predictable number).  I've only hit the Rogue Pro into a net, so I can't really compare the two.  My full review on the AP3s will be up on the blog very soon..     
    • I've found a few discussions online about using half sets or minimalist golf setups but I can't find anything current. I'd like to hear from anyone still going down this route.  I always walk and carry when I play and I've always been intrigued by playing far less clubs than the 14 allowed. Now I don't hold a handicap. My scores can vary between finishing a round 4 over par on a good day and 10/12 over is the norm. I've decided for this year I will only carry 8 clubs. 4 clubs in my bag will always stay the same and they are putter, sand wedge, driver (much more accurate for me than a fairway wood and fairway wood from the deck was one of the reasons that got me started on the golf bag diet). Last club that will always stay is my Titleist 913hd 2 hybrid because quite simply I think it is one of the best clubs ever made, can't get across how much I love this club, never lets me down. The following 4 clubs will be 4,6,8 irons and PW or 5,7,9 and 50 degree gap wedge probably alternate between them every couple of weeks and see over time if the is a particular club that I miss or any clubs I don't think are worth bagging.  Interested to hear from others on this topic. I'm someone that can suffer from paralysis from analysis so a simplified golf bag I think will allow me/ force me to just get out there and play the game I love. 
    • He must be feeling good now. Playing at home in Florida, being close to the top of the leaderboard, being able to grind out pars, pick up a few birdies. Especially in the wind. If I've learned anything it's that wind can quickly make your bad shots terrible. If you're not able to control the ball flight and be able to play with the wind, you'll have a tough time. He's playing pretty good. Even said he was happy with being able to control the traj.  Winds will still be up to 10-15 mph today, so pars will be good. Only 13 players shooting red numbers yesterday.
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