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Cost of a Round In Your Location?

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South Island, Christchurch, New Zealand, we have  a lot more courses than we have golfers. Most places are about $25 and the real nice courses about $85, but those are the ones that host all the PGA and LPGA tournaments. If you want to ride most courses don't have carts so you need to buy your own and trailer it, but you also need a Dr letter to use it, otherwise you walk.

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In Buenos Aires ( Argentina), 18th holes walking at my home course on a weekend cost around 10 UDS. It´s a relatively cheap course to play in the area.  In a top Tier course (Buenos Aires Golf, w

We rarely see anyone at Paako so drama is not exactly possible there! Nothing at my old course either since I only play there twice a week now. They are still extremely busy on the weekends and still

Really varies by season down here. Right now, in the "off" season, there's a lot of quality golf to be had at a pretty nice discount.  $20-$40 even on the weekend for some very nice courses.  Twilight during the week can get you down to $10.   Some of these same courses will be $60-$100+ come November.... Most courses offer some FL resident discounts though, so even during the winter months I can usually play some very good courses for under $40-$50 on the weekends though.

I had initially started typing a response, but then realized it was almost identical to this one. The rates here are very seasonal. And tourists pay twice as much as locals. I could pay $30 to play a course in February and a tourist will pay $120 to play it 2 weeks later in March.

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I live in the land of cheap golf - N/E PA ... I'm flexible & look for cheap tee times on golfnow.    On weekends, mid day - I don't pay over $25 - usually about half that for nice average golf courses with cart.  Across the border in NJ, can't touch a course on a weekend for under $45, usually closer to $65.    See a lot of NJ license plates in PA golf course parking lots ...

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Think i am in the wrong country for golf....i am a 100 percent Singaporean, been born in Singapore, work and played. Singapore is a very small country...roughly the size of long Island.

In a small place, the greens fees is amazing.....my own golf club which is own by the Ministry Of Defence for Singaporean who did our 2 1/2 years of National Service to our Country. National Service Resort & Country Club charges weekday USD $30 for a round of golf. Guest pay USD $80....which is by our standard the cheapest

Other private clubs which hosted the Barclay and HSBC Championship courses like Sentosa are members clubs and for guest is USD $150 for weekday and weekend USD $250 green fees....other private golf clubs average weekday green fees USD $100. Buggy fees not included.

Many of my golf buddies either travelled to neighbour country like Johore, Malaysia Southern state, an 2 hour drive from Singapore. weekday average USD $15 and weekend USD $50 to play golf. Sadly many are giving up golf and go into other sports like Darts, Badminton, Tennis and Table Tennis....

Happy Golfing everyone !!

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One item we tend to not think about is the cost of a beer, a cheeseburger, some fries, a new golf glove and a box of titlest golf balls. All of these costs have increased substantially due to inflation.


Luke Daniel

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A course sandwich hollows on the cape has a $30 for 18 including cart after 12:30 every day including weekend, plus if you go to their own booking system you can get deals.. We played yesterday at 11:22 am for 29.99 for 18 and a cart.  Normally it's $60 around that time.

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I joined the "players club" at a couple different course associations- management companies which makes it real reasonable with some fair to decent courses in the San Diego area. I would say I average 25-40 bucks a round with cart.Occasionally I'll cough up 80-90 for a great course. Occasionally. 

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The 2 municipal courses here are $24 for a round I think.  I've never actually paid it since I've had seasons passes every year.

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Posted standard prices for 18 holes with cart average:

For Semi-Private courses:

  • Sat-Sun: $70 AM, $45 PM, $$31 Twilight
  • Weekday: $45, $30, $28
  • (Most semi-privates require you to take a cart; 

For public courses:

  • Sat-Sun: $43 AM, $29 twilight
  • Weekday: $35, $23
  • (A weekday lesser fee if you walk instead of ride)

Both semi-privates and publics will slash prices a day or two out if no one has signed up. Dynamic pricing throws everything out of whack.

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i'm pretty lucky to have access to above-average muni and semi-private courses in NorCal wine country. my schedule limits me to playing weekday afternoons for the most part, and prices range between $25-$50 depending on the track and time of day. GolfNow HotDeals can be found with a little bit of research and discounts are significant.

that said:


i'm going to play Spyglass Hill on the 24th, and then Olympic Lake on the 25th. both are normally WAY out of my price range, but got a good deal at SH and a discounted tourney rate at Olympic when a guy backed out last-minute. maybe the best back-to-back days of golf i can remember. so pumped.


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$30 to walk the resident public courses, $50-$80 for the nicer public tracks like Bethpage, add $20 to ride which I rarely do but this heat has me thinking about it, this past weekend had the vultures circling my ass out there.

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In NE Ohio (Akron / Cleveland area / Canton) the best public courses on weekend mornings with cart:

Nice tracks - $36 - 48

Best tracks - $48 - 65

Some of the best deals out there are the courses that used to be exclusive, member-only country clubs that no longer have a enough members to fill a tee sheet from 7:00 - 10:00 am on a Saturday.  Played some decent to really nice CC locations last few years in the $25 - 35 range on Saturday mornings.

Best value is playing courses on Sunday after 12:00 noon.  Even the nice tracks can be played for $15 - 25 range w/cart.

There are really bad courses that can be played sub $15 if you just want to go out band beat it around.


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Live in SE Louisiana (Covington) and would say that with specials, I am cheap on will not pay full fare....Weekdays runs from $28-$39 and weekends about $5 higher...Retired and on fixed income so always looking for specials or deals.

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