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    • Interesting turns to this conversation.  I've read and reread the OP's post and it seems that he is asking a couple of things, for example in the original question, i.e. does shortening a 5i to 7i length have major changes on the club such as lie angle, swing weight, etc.  It begs to ask, do the manufacturers "build" clubs to have the same swing "feel", so that your swing feels the same whether its a 5i - 7i - 4h - PW, where the only real adjustment is knowing that the swing plane shifts slightly based on the varying club lengths which is what the latter part of the OP's post seemed to ask.  For me, I know that I am, based on the static fitment charts such as Ping's, that I need clubs that are 1/2" shorter w/standard lie.  In the same respect if I do take and put tape 1" down on the hand from the butt end and use that as my gauge for gripping the club, I swing straighter with more carry.  The clubs make better contact all around.   One thing I have wondered - does taking a 7i that is 36* loft and shortening the shaft by 1" which would make it in effect a 36* deg loft 9i?  (referencing Tommy Armour 845s Silver Scots here)  I know its still technically a 7i w/a shorter shaft.  To be honest I work off the loft of the irons (which is why I love the TA 845s as the lofts are stamped in the club face) rather than the number stamped in the bottom.   FYI - I have already been using drivers that have shafts shortened from 45.5 to 44.5 and can tell you I have a better sense of feel and control.   wt   
    • I agree.  I am using an Alta CB 55 (SR) and get excellent loft.  The. soft regular may be too flexible for you; go back to your fitter and tell them they got it wrong.  It does happen  
    • I started out with a bag of hand me downs, mostly MacGregor. I played them for almost 6 years, only changed my putter.   In 1975, I finally got my first set of new clubs.  I settled on on set from Wilson. I am very glad I got "basic" golf down before I bought them.  Not a lot of options from most brands. Blades only, steel shafts and not much on the basic market of items such as the 30 options I choose from for new grips.  Price was average for the time ($275.00). If I were new to golf today, I would go try out some clubs.  Then, I would do my best to find a most similar set on many of the sites that deal in used cubs. A phone class my even get you some good advice.
    • Never had a problem in ANY of my dealings with them  
    • I started with a set of Spalding clubs, full set from K-Mart for a few hundred dollars years and years ago, (couldn't afford anything else with family and a low salary at the time). I look at them now and wonder how I ever hit them but they got me hooked on the game. As my salary increased I was able to save up and buy better clubs. Now a days there are tons of 2nd hand clubs available, just look on Ebay. There probably were 2nd hand clubs available when I started but who knew. I agree with most above that you don't need the expensive clubs to start, hell you may not need them going forward either.  Talk to your local Pro Shop, they probably have a set for you or can get you hooked up with someone who does. I for example have probably three sets of clubs in my garage, (not including the Spaldings), that I would gladly part with just to clean my garage out. Just wish I knew someone who could put them to good use. I have 11 putters for example, who needs 11 putters!!
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