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Tall golfers using "standard" clubs.

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I'm tall, and according to charts I should be using clubs about 1" longer than "standard."  But I have been doing research and am wondering if it really matters.  First I want to go over what "standard" actually is.  Golf clubs have been increasing in length over the years because longer clubs give greater distance and sell better, but you also lose accuracy.  Different clubs also have different "standard" lengths.  For example, a lot of burner Irons are longer than what is typically standard.

From what I can gather, the biggest risk with using clubs that aren't properly fitted is that the lie will be off.  But I used my friends slightly shorter burner irons and the lie was fine.  So now the only issue is that I will be standing slightly closer to the ball than with my fitted clubs.  The difference is basically just like just using a PW instead of a 9 iron (minus the loft).  But I don't really see this as an issue?  It just means that I will probably have slightly less distance and slightly greater accuracy.  Right?

Anyone who was tall get custom fitted and notice a real difference?  I would like to get fitted again, but I can't for the discounted older versions of name brand clubs.

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Note: This thread is 2741 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Day 443: Did some backswing/takeaway drills (COVID-19 day-3 and something I found on AMG YouTube). Then some COVID-19 day-5 drills. Then some full swing balls with 9-iron and 3-hybrid.
    • Thanks for your reply. To elaborate  I use the GPS on the watch to conserve the iPhone battery. What I don’t understand is why it only used 1% on Friday but 21% today with the same settings.  When I raise my wrist to look at the watch, the grint is nearly always open, when  I used Golfshot it was always on the home screen with similar settings.  I had to keep pressing the button on the watch to get back to golfshot. 
    • I’ve used Golfshot in the past. 18Birdies has a watch app that I used a couple times.  GameGolf has one. There are others, I’m sure.  I currently use the watch app for Arccos, because I use that tracking system. Not sure about the “disappeared off the watch” problem.  I don’t recall doing anything special for setup, but whenever I raise my wrist with a round going, it’s got my yardage right there (Arccos and Golfshot for sure, I think it did with GameGolf, don’t remember with 18Birdies). Maybe try (in the Apple Watch app on the iPhone): General > wake screen > wake on wrist raise (and) Return to clock after 1 hour.  I don’t know of a way to improve battery life in the watch, but I usually put my iPhone in low power mode when I play, and that helps prolong the iPhone battery without adversely affecting the golf app function.  But using 21% of battery for a round doesn’t seem excessive (meaning you finished the round with 79% left).
    • Just finished LSW, great info.  Now I just need to apply it so I can claim a few achievements for actually shooting lower scores.
    • Work, life & rereading some chapters 3 times slowed down my reading of LSW but I did finish it tonight.  I think it merits more reads as the season progresses since some aspects can’t be practiced with snow on the ground.  I need to work out my shot zones and need to figure out how to do that.  I do not know a range where I can walk out to my target to plot them as suggested.  I am wondering if it can be done with TrackMan Range? Or if a fellow Michigander can suggest a place it would be appreciated. One thing caught me by surprise, I’ve read many comments about shot cones and expected to read about them in LSW, but I did not.  I’ll look back on Threads to see where I saw that and what they are. My main question is for myself, why did I wait nearly 9 months after joining TST to order the book.  
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