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How to speed up tempo

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I rebuilt my swing and have swung so much at a slow 3/4 tempo at full extension, that when i speed it up for more pop i cannot get my timing right consistently.

should i just stick with my current tempo and just play shorter since this swing is getting pretty consistent. or is there a drill to help with tempo to get that extra pop back.

for example, my current pw is 100 meters (109 yards) but i have another 25-30 yards i cant get back without all the bad swings just to get that 1 good one.


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    • That looks nifty, but… it's only really going to be an option for awhile in some high-end places, I'm wagering. If it's a full range, you can of course see your ball flight. So the tracer itself is probably not that important, right? The points and games are another thing, kinda TopGolf-like.
    • That looks awesome! I hope that sooner or later all driving ranges will have that technology built into them.  Was it more expensive than a regular bucket of balls?
    • I didn't take it that way. I know the HGG quote, and that it's a way of saying "goodbye." That's not exactly "cool" though either: Mike tells you he's mad at you, I demonstrate that your impact conditions and backswing are worse, and you say "okay, goodbye." But yeah, I took it this way: That fits quite well since you keep talking about how you have to know and understand the whole system just to implement a piece, and about how your brain works that way, and so on. How I took the fish quote is pretty clear from the response, is it not? All that said, I apologize. I took it the wrong way. I reacted more strongly than I would have had I taken it the HGG way, and I'm sorry for that. Disagreement isn't intolerable at all. But you're not really disagreeing with anything, either… you're choosing to ignore things, and you seem to think that you're not being helped. You're wasting our time. Disagreement? At least there's discourse there. Ignoring? That's just a (small) slap in the face… Mike and I - and others - have given you a boatload of free advice. I can't speak for others, but I don't expect you to pay for anything, ever. When all else fails, play the victim card again? Anyone who has met @mvmac will tell you he's not quick to anger. So if you pissed him off, well, then more than likely you did something, and are not just some passive victim. P.S. You're likely getting better because you're hitting balls. You're learning how to make the flaws in your swing at least time themselves up right. You're learning to time your flip just right so that you can pick the ball off the ground without fatting or thinning it. You're learning how to sway your hips and drop your head back/early extend on the downswing so you can hit out a little bit despite being super steep (and you need a really closed stance to help you with that). You're getting better at making a flawed swing because you're repeating it often. You're lowering the ceiling on how good you can get each time you visit the range and don't practice properly, or practice the proper things. Your swing may actually be worse now than a week or two ago. We tried to help you - free, and by giving you much of our most valuable asset (our time) - and you instead pissed off one of the calmest people around and ignored the advice of many others, including me, who knows what I'm talking about. Then you chose to play the victim after a vague reference to fish, and took the easy out of saying "oh, you just don't like people who disagree." No, I don't like people who waste my time, but the solution on my end is very easy: I simply choose to stop wasting my time on them. I don't care if you disagree. I prefer it, really, so long as you're a worthy adversary. You? You don't stack up. We can't talk about some intricate part of the golf swing. Nor should you at this point, or possibly ever, because you're a golfer, not a golf instructor. That's all fine. But I can choose to stop giving you free advice, and spending my time doing it.  So if your goal is to have me ignore you from here on out, you've succeeded! :-) I'll spend my time helping those who appreciate it.
    • Did anyone make it to this?  I had some things come up and couldn't make it. Also, we should get a spring round get together going...
    • You misunderstand. Yes, of course he is one of the ATGs on the current list. What I am saying is that can change, not that it will, but it can. Like I said it is an ever expanding/changing list.
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