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    • I chuckle at how much cleaning occurs sometimes. Look I’ll take cleaner surfaces, but it’s theater and old policies that nobody’s revoked. Little more.
    • I was at my daughter's soccer game this weekend. Outdoors, breezy, sunny. Everyone was sitting at least 10-15 feet apart around the field. Some sort of field director came by on a golf cart and told everyone they needed to wear a mask. There were a lot of sighs and groans. In the conversation that followed we said a lot of what this article states, that requiring masks when they aren't necessary contributes to mask "fatigue". People are more willing to follow rules when they make sense. Much like the excess sanitizing that continues despite proof that Covid doesn't spread on surfaces, the use of masks outdoors, when spaced out, can come to an end and give some hope. Thanks for sharing this. 
    • You still need to work on those items Erik mentioned. Review the first 5 drills in this thread again. The wedges may go high because you are flipping or sweeping them up. A face on of a wedge swing would help.  
    • I went to a clinic that @iacas and Dave Wedzik held back then. They did not teach S&T per se and I had the S&T Book and video. They taught what became The 5 Simple Keys. A good S&T swing can have the 5SK. But S&T morphed into a very specific swing method.
    • Shaft feel is personal in my opinion. If I feel a shaft flex a lot during my swing, I think it is not stiff enough. Too light a shaft can cause contact and dispersion issues for me. 
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