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    • Well yeah, but there are tucked pins and such, that I ain't shooting at. The leader on Tour is the low 30s on all approaches. I'm trying to figure out how to shoot at the center of every green via "Smart Targets" But that's not related to the topic in reality.  @Bucki1968 My four-year-old Alina, would tell you to putt this way. Just line it up and rock the baby. Alina putts better than I do. Not even kidding. I'm not bad. You're a better putter than you probably give yourself credit for. Putting is a relatively simple motion. I'd rather have a putting contest for my life with DJ, than a closest to the pin. You're a better putter than you realize. Most people overcomplicate it way too much, it's the easiest motion in the game. Back and through. And for gosh sake don't accelerate... @iacas promotes deceleration. I just try to keep my stroke the same speed back and through. I sometimes will set a metronome (while practicing) to about 55 bpm to get my putting stroke correct. Longer putt, longer stroke, maybe 2 beats back and 2 beats through. (I play guitar so I own a metronome, if you don't own one they are fairly cheap.) It's easily overcomplicated by Johnny Miller, Faldo, all of the lead analysts, and it's really not that difficult. I'm not saying go up and putt like you don't give a shit. I'm saying just tell yourself, if you're committed to read, bead, and speed it's easy... You got this. Have fun with it. I hope this helps.
    • Hi there, any events planned for either CT, NY, PA, or New England for 2018?
    • Exactly, the fact he played got that event significantly more attention than it would have, thats a win for the sponsors involved.  Erik said it best, it was never about him being able to compete, it was for publicity and it's publicity they got. Do you think that tournament would have gotten a 3 page thread on this site had he not played? I doubt it would have been mentioned at all, hell most people I talked to thought it was a Web.com event.
    • This would be my guess. It looks to me like the Valspar will be the biggest casualty of this schedule. Hard to say what the net effect on the API will be. My guess would be Tiger consistently chooses the API over the Honda and this in turn could re-elevate the API a bit and get other players to follow suit. Hard to say.
    •   Tiger will not be forced to sectional qualify for any U.S. Open. They have given special exemptions to the likes of Furyk, Els, and Goosen recently. They gave special exemptions repeatedly to Arnold and Jack. Woods has 9 USGA championships. If anyone was ever locked for a special exemption, it's Tiger. 
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