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Backswing help before this drives me insane!

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I started playing around a year and a half ago and I've recently dropped my handicap from 28 down to 20.4, however, I seem to be changing my backswing every shot and can't get a consistent feel to it causing the odd sweet connection to a lot of fats and thins.

I've recently had a lesson and I was working on the shoulder turn to try and stop my head from dipping down but I've now got a feeling of my arms lifting up and away from me slightly as opposed to going behind my shoulder on the takeaway/backswing which I see on tv all the time.  I've had a friend take a photo of a practice swing but it doesn't look like the club is way ahead of my body and is slightly more round my body.

Basically I'm wondering if the shoulder turn should give you the feeling that you're arms go slightly in front of you but they're really not on the takeaway and backswing?  I know this might not make sense but I'm trying to word it the easiest way.


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I would suggest filming a My Swing video.

Tough to say how it should feel for YOU when I don't know what the swing looks like.

These videos might help


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More than a few of the people I golf with tend to be too mechanical or more so too contorted in their swing. If you put an old style weed cutter (steel shaft fat wood handle) in their hands and have them cut the tall weeds you would be amazed at their fluid swings. But put a golf club in their hand and it all goes haywire.

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    • I agree there may be repercussions from using force to restrain a criminal but I believe as long as the force was used to only restrain the individual and no additional bodily harm was done the courts would be lenient in their ruling and most likely no charges would result in most jurisdictions.   The alternative is the courts send a message to all victims of crimes that they are helpless and must solely depend on the police to capture criminals even when they are face to face with them.    
    • A couple of firsts in this round.  It was my first round using the GG tags, and it was also my first round ever under 100.  If you want to see what 18 holes looks like when you have no clue where the ball is going off the tee and have no short game at all to speak of.... check out this round!
    • I think the point is, if the victim of a non-violent theft decides to use violence against the thief well after the crime was committed, he opens himself up to all kinds of trouble. Obviously it's different if someone gets jumped or car-jacked and the criminal is the first one to threaten or use violence. I'm not sure how pepper spray is classified in terms of being a weapon or not but I imagine using it could legally be considered assault in a situation like this.  
    • Well, I did it!  Been taking hacks at golf courses for 20 years, started actually practicing 7 weeks ago, and I finally mother-effing broke 100 yesterday.  Shot 96 at a course I had only played one time before about 8 years ago. This was easily the most consistent I've ever hit the ball into the greens (8 GIRs) and my driving was as good as it has been all season.  The biggest thing with the driver was deciding to stop trying to be perfect on the tee.  Meaning, I wasn't concerning myself with how I thought I should be ideally hitting the club, instead, I just hit it the way I naturally hit it right now, played the "power fade" aimed out over the left side of the fairway, and mostly kept it in play.  I was still inconsistent off the tee with a few pop ups and pulled shots, but for the most part, I stayed out of trouble. The even better news is that I shot 96 and my short game was terrible. I had a couple duffs in sand traps and from the rough around the greens.  Plus, of my 8 GIRs, I 3-putted 5 of them and it wasn't always the lag putt that was the problem.  I missed a few 3 footers that you just can't miss.  So, I've still got plenty of strokes to remove from my score once I actually start to work on shots around the green.  To this point, all of my practice has focused full swings with the irons and driver.  So, needless to say, I'm really excited about this.  I think i'm just going to play the rest of the season with the same practice focus.  Might be time to start a "member swing" thread for my driver.  And in the off-season, the focus will shift to the short game. Unfortunately, it might be a few weeks before I'm able to get out for 18 again, but I can't wait to get out there and try to do this again.
    • The incident in the OP doesn't sway my opinion on gun control one way or the other. Isolated incident in which some angry, old white dude should lose his right to carry indefinitely, but nothing that makes me believe that every gun carrier needs to be affected or restricted due to this incident. The John Wayne comments from some of y'all however, do make me think that gun laws need to be seriously revisited. The fact that some of you...ahem...more extreme individuals are actually permitted to carry is frightening indeed. And before there is an uproar, let me be clear that I have no issue with most of you who carry as your comments seemed to be well balanced and rational. Some others...not so much. It's seems pretty obvious to me that your right to bear arms should be dependant upon on your ability to not lose your shit when you're pissed off.  
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