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The Films and Movies Thread


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I'm officially excited. The new Godzilla and The Monarch series.


:ping: G410 Driver/Fairway  :wilsonstaff: D9's 3-SW :scotty_cameron: Newport Special Select 2

:snell: MTB Prime X, :adidas: Tour360 22

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    • Day 12: Continued backswing mirrorvision work, did some full swing with balls, and a fit for golf workout. Elbow pain is gone, except for the motion of picking up my golf bag. Gonna try to restart stack next week. 
    • Day 152: did some mirror work, focused on downswing stuff while checking set up, too. 
    • Day 200 - Some mirror reps focusing on right hip and left leg.
    • Yes, that is your mean average. Which may or may not be a useful number.  The median average or mode average (which in your example is the same number, 250) can sometimes be a more useful number, but not always.  Sometimes looking at how close your mean or mode average is to your median average can be useful. It all depends why you are measuring your average and what you plan to do with that number.  BTW - The median is the middle number when all of the numbers are ordered from least to greatest and the mode is the most common number in the set.   So, in answer to your question I can give you a very definitive response of "It depends". I think most people use what is called a trimmed mean...  Which is the mean average after outliers are removed. 
    • Day 403, December 8, 2023 Played 18 holes with @DrizZzY and MM. Hit the ball well, for the most part. Pleased with my work so far this winter, and I'm not even on the downswing stuff yet. A few times I forgot to use my legs because I was working on the wrist stuff.
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