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    • I figured it is probably about time I start videoing my putting stroke. I really have no idea what to look for when it comes to putting. The only thing I might see is to try moving my elbows slightly further apart (like 4-5 inches). When it comes to the putting grip, should the putter be running through both lifelines? For quite some time I had the trail hand heel pad as the main point of contact for that hand, but I've recently switched to having the putter run through that hand's lifeline instead. Practice ratios for the near future are going to move towards something like 55/25/20. I really need to work on my putting.     On some other notes: I've been jealous of @billchao's and other similar outdoor net setups for quite some time. I decided on a few purchases to set myself up with a solid area to practice the full swing at home. This will make getting a lot of video so much easier mainly because the range I've been frequenting just isn't conducive to it. This will be great timing for it as well since I'll be able to get a ton of reps / practice in after the Chautauqua event with @iacas. Upgrading from my mixed 710 AP1 / 712 AP2 set to some 716 AP2's. I essentially paid nothing for them after getting rid of these two iron sets.
    • Day 217 Kept working on the hip rotation with some 9-3 swings with LW/SW. Decided today was the day to see how it translates to a longer club. Used 3W because I'm afraid to hit driver off the mat in my yard. Hit 15 balls and used the Mevo get some ball flight data. No impact tape, but didn't get any extreme toe or heel vibrations/feels in my hands. Contact was pretty solid, hit 2 balls a touch thin, and 2 balls a touch fat. Start line was good for 12/15, 2 balls were pulled and started too far left, 1 ball was a push. Swing speed, ball speed, carry, and spin were in the ballpark for what I expect, so overall pretty happy with progress.
    • Interesting.  So in theory, if you tap down the line of your putt so that your ball tracks that line, is it still allowed?  Just a hypothetical question. I thought I read somewhere that some pro left a water hose on a practice green so that it forms imperceptible track to the hole and bet on other pros during putting practice.  Could be just an urban myth.
    • Never said SARS and MERS were eradicated.  They have been contained and limited.  As for vaccines, there are many diseases where vaccines are not possible. If COVID mutates readily, as some data seem to indicate, vaccine will have to be like flu vaccine, where you try to anticipate the strain for the coming year.  Since flu vaccines are often only effective 30-40%, it may be similar with COVID.  
    • I still have 1, 2, 4, and 8 remaining. Played the white tees today so I don't count rounds from those tees: only blue and black.
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