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    • When you get into the "ultra-premium" segment of any market, you will always end up paying more for incremental improvements in performance or experience.  Why pay $1,000 for a front row seat to a concert, when you can sit a few rows back for $350? Or fly 1st class for 4 times the cost of an economy ticket?  If you believe that PXG's claims of superiority are simply a marketing ploy, and that their clubs are no different from the other top end manufacturers out there, then I suppose you can take opposition to their pricing and question those who choose to buy them. But if their stuff is even 1-2% better (however you choose to define that) then the competition, then it should be no surprise that people are willing to pay 2-3x the cost.  There are a select few people out there for whom money is no object. They want the best and they will pay what it takes to get that.  
    • yes. yes.  Disagree.   I've hit a few different sets of Miura's too.  I'd much rather have the PXGs.   but, I'm not a professional ball-striker, so it's different.  well...  not my money, because I don't have $3k to toss at a set of irons..    but, if I did...    
    • To me, fees are an issue, but the main issue is eBay's onerous return policy. The person can return for just about any reason and you have to pay for shipping. I am fine with a return policy where the buyer pays the return shipping but they force you to take the return for whatever reason the person feels like, even they are lying, and you have to pay the posting fee, and the shipping charges. Basically I didn't make any money on the sale of my last set after having it returned.  I am definitely interested in seeing if there are other better ways to sell clubs. 
    • Asking a value price the way you did is silly. Let's go back to the $1200 Mizuno's. Are they inferior to the $3200 set of PXG's? Are the Mizunos a better value? The funniest part of your argument is that PXG aren't even CLOSE to the best value for irons in the same 3K and up price range..  Hey, it's your money, let's just agree to disagree.
    • I have hit them, bottom of the bag to the top for an extended period of time.    They are extraordinarily forgiving and provide extra distance in a nice compact head.   They feel different than any club I've hit.   

      but, first off, most pros get paid to use what they use.   secondly, pros do not need the forgiveness or extra distance.    and even the PXG tour head is a bit big for what they prefer.   

      but, you're just not understanding the difference between worth it and value.   and, they're not targeting the value shopper.   They are worth in the same way that Prov1 golf balls are worth it in comparison to Callaway supersofts.   They are double the money, but they are definitely not twice as good.   especially to a golfer that has an unpredictable ball flight.   But, they are better.  so if you've got the cash, why not? 

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