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For some reason every title wrote seemed to come out dirty - so in efforts to keep the sand trap clean - balls it is.

Anyway - I bought a sleeve Callaway HX Hot balls last weekend and play 2 rounds with them. The distance was AMAZING!!! The only problem I had was these things rolling off the greens, these things would bounce twice then roll off the other end....

I have been playing the precept laddie, which for me is awesome when it hits the greens, it kind of dies as soon as it hits, but with my driver, i dont get nearly the same distance as the hx hots or a top flite for that matter...

ANyone know of a ball that would give me the distance of the hot and the performance of the laddie on the green?

I have a swing speed of around 95 with the driver... if that helps...

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I would recommend the Titleist NXT Tour if you don't want to spend the money on premium balls. They are about 5-10 yards shorter than the HX Hot but they can stop on a dime. Maxfli Noodles are also quite good.
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i havent played a noodle in a while.... I remember them being very good aorund the greens but not as long as some off the tee...

I may pick up a sleeve of the nxt tours... although i did hear that srixons equivelant is better - but i dont remember the name of it.....
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I played with the Callaway HX Hot this summer. I shot my best round ever with one. I had no trouble stopping it around the green. My experience with the NXT is that it IS easier to play around the green, but not so much so that I would give up the distance I get with HX Hot off the tee. Now if I were longer off the tee, then I would probably play with the NXT Tour ball.
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just went and bought a new bag - the guy have me a box of maxfli fire - for free..... im assuming these will be similar to the hx hot.....

i have enough balls now to kep me occupied for a while... im going to play 18 tomorrow at eisenhower park in Long island (champions tour played there a few weeks ago) - Ill see what happens... Should be fun..
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I don't know my swing speed, but I usually hit my 8 iron between 130 and 150 yards (depending on how well I made contact with it).

I have been playing the maxfli noddle "long & soft", it really has a nice soft feel, and it seemed fine around the greens (at least in somuch as someone with my astronomically high handicap could judge). I would agree that it doesn't have as much distance as some of the other value distance balls I have hit.

I am in the same boat as you trying to find something a litle bit better, so I recently picked up a box of the Bridgestone e6 and the Top Flite D2 "Feel" balls and will try those over my next few rounds. I will be interested to see which ball you like the best - please be sure and post your results!
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just got back from a round - tried out the balls - still need to play a few more orunds, but today the srixon ad-333 was AWESOME... I used the srixon, titleist, and maxfli fire....fire wasnt all that....the titlesit was pretty good too... didnt use it too much cause the srixon was just working so well for me. my driving and chipping was on today... everything else could of been better.
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I've been playing with HX Hots for most of the summer and generally liked them, but was curious to see what else was out there.

I picked up a box of Bridgestone E6s and really liked them today. My one complaint with the HX Hots was that the ball was ballooning really high on iron shots. The E6s seemed to fly with a more penetrating trajectory, which I prefer.

I'm going to keep playing these until I'm done with the box and then may try the new NXT Extremes to see which I like better.
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Note: This thread is 4953 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Day 60 - Slow swings making sure I fully turned my hips. 
    • Note from practice 2021-03-05: Working on palmar flexion as priority piece. Slow rehearsals of transition move and Covid-19 day-4 drill all seem to look fine, with clubface aligned to my spine at A6 (slightly toe down). When I move to full speed, and look at swings on film with Mirrorvision, the face is vertical. This leads to a flip/shove to close the face at impact, or I can hold off the flip (if I think about it hard enough before the swing), and leave the face a bit open and hit what I assume would be a push/cut. I had a mini-realization watching the videos and doing some rehearsals. When I rehearse the palmar flexion move, my forearms arms don't have nearly as much tension as when I am making a full speed swing, and my wrists move freely. I did some rehearsals simulating the tension in my forearms that I feel with full speed swing and tried to palmar flex my wrist and I could barely do it. I did some more rehearsals/Covid-19 day-4 drills, and then hit some balls with full swings with the conscious thought of less forearm tension, and suddenly I could feel the palmar flexion move. It was too dark to get any video, but I'm going to record tomorrow and see if the clubface looks any different at A6 compared to video from today.
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