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Golfing backyard accidents!!

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I practise every day in my backyard, using a variety of clubs hitting balls into my net, focusing on contact and developing a natural relaxed swing (espeically since getting rid of my right sided swing, best thing I ever did over last couple of weeks!! Was a waste of time and sore back was all I ever got to show for it)..

Anyway was hitting my driver, and I got really locked into a great rythm, and began really pounding some into the net.. After I guess about 20 shots, one went right through the net, straight into my fence, destroyed the fence with a nice decent size hole and smashed into the neighbours shed on the other side.. It really was a great hit :) Anyway, very fortunate that it didn't do further damage..

It got me thinking about any other golfers who have had backyard accidents, love to read your stories!



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I'm too chicken to do anything beyond hitting soft pitches into an old tire. I just know if I take a full swing I'll end up replacing someones siding, window or pet!

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Was practicing full lob shots - I always hit with the house on my left side, so errant shanks, toes go to the open part of the yard, not at the house.      One day I was gathering up balls & had the idea I would hit a full lob shot back to where I usually hit from (house is now on my right).  Well, took practically a full swing - SHANK CITY - blasted a line drive dead right - BOOM !!    My wife comes running out of the house & sees my prominent ball mark in the aluminum siding about a foot away from the sliding glass porch door !     Phew, got very lucky on that one ...

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I have really never learned not to do stupid things but when I was 14, I used to jones to hit a golf ball so bad that I would go to the back yard with my driver and smack a nice slice in between all the houses.... I never heard anything about it but one time someone asked if I hit golf balls in the back yard once.... I don't remember if I owned up to it or not...

I hit the metal roof of a neighbors house a while ago. Generally the trees are so dense the golf ball gets knocked down immediately but this time it made it through 50 yards of dense forest, smacking the roof. Thank gawd it was a wedge. Man that was loud, and I ran like a 11 year old....geez...

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This didn't happen in the backyard (I live in a town home and really don't have one anyway), but I got a hitting net and used our largest bedroom as a practice area. I used it for a couple of months and usually hit into a specific 1 sqft section of the net. Eventually, that section wore out and one 8-iron shot went through the net and made a golf-ball sized indentation in the stucco wall behind it. It's a fairly easy repair, but I did report this to the manufacturer and they sent me a replacement net.

I haven't practiced for a while now mostly because we had to convert the room back because of family staying over and never really got back to converting it back to a practice area.

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Was practicing chips/flops in my front yard a few weeks ago.  Just punching it from one section of grass, over the walkway, onto the other section and back again.  Sure enough, caught one clean and low on the face that went hot and put a nice door-ding in my car.  Lucky I guess as it hit inches from the window (not sure if that would have meant no damage or broken glass).

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Note: This thread is 2781 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Played the weekly clubtournament yesterday: A stableford tournament from the yellows (6300 yards, Rated 72,7, slope 147) Shot 86 (36 stableford points). A pretty good round, but it was far from a perfect round.  Positives: - No lost balls (despite hitting one in the creek on 8 (found it, but had to take the penalty and a drop there) - Played solid through the 2 hardest stretches on the course. Hole 5-7 (+1) and hole 13-14 (E) - Birdie on the tough 13 (390 yards par 4 playing into wind  with a narrow teeshot and the approach playing 15 yards downhill) after a good drive (275 yards) into the wind to the right side of the fairway and a perfect soft AW from 120 that landed a foot short of the pin and jumped a couple of feet back to 3 feet. That shot looked like it was going in. - Only hit 3/13 fairways, but none of the missed fairways was by more than 5 yards and only one cost me a shot (on 16 where I had to chip it back to the fairway). So all my misses were pretty much in the right places.  - Hit 8 greens (14 nGIRs). Good, but not great.  - The round took my index south of 10,0, so new my new index is now 9,9 Negatives:  - The par 3s - shot +7 on the 5 par 3s, which is the worst I've done so far this season. Managed to shoot a 5 on hole 4 (205 yards into wind yesterday) without using my putter and without penalties. Duffed the teeshot 130 yards short and a little bit right, shanked the next shot into the left greenside bunker, hit the first bunkershot fat and still found my self in the sand, thinned the next bunkershot and flew it over the green and holed the 15 yards chip from there for a 5 and 0 stableford points. To a lot of amusement for everyone in my flight. The 6 i shot on hole 8 (180 yards uphill with wind from behind and left) was quite forgettable: Pulled my 8'iron slightly and flew it over the green right into the creek there, penalty drop, chipped it to 15 feet from there and needed 3 putts to hole it (found the ball in the creek(Y) ).  - Struggled with the speed on a 15 footer (sent it 6 feet past on 8 ) and 40 footer (left it 12 feet short on 14) , which I normally don't struggle with. Putting was good apart from those 2 and were the only 3-putts I made. On both those putts it felt wrong in the backswing and I still didn't abort the swing. Need to work on that.  33 putts total is not great, but is acceptable with the chances I gave myself on the greens. - A little inconsistant with my longer chips, needs to get them a little closer. This is a part of the game I have been very good at lately and this was not my best round around the greens. Only 2 1-putts after chipping and one holeout. Should do better.   
    • After a decent round yesterday i finally reached goal number 1 this season: HCP-index: 9,9.  Now let's keep it there or lower. 
    • You really need to call out your cheating partner.  Never allow it to continue.  Otherwise you will either get bitter about it or refuse to play with him.
    • Or wager against them, but watch them closely and play strict rules.  After all, their handicaps are probably treating their concessions as sunk. Three players in my club's match play qualifier were DQ'd for taking gimmes during the qualifier.  Those are a no-no when it's medal play for a match play qualifier. 
    • Parred the first hole at an away course today to make my away course composite even par (3 birdies 3 bogeys)
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