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Keeping head behind the ball

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Worked on this for the first time at a lesson this week.  I'm not a short hitter (9i is my 145-150 club), but I've still never understood how some of my buddies can get their 9i out there 160-170, 200 yard 6i's, etc. etc.  After being shown that I was making a lateral move forward, and subsequently started working on keeping my head behind the ball at impact, my shots are at new level.  I almost instantly gained a club length throughout the bag.  Not only that, irons launch WAY higher and thus land much softer with a lot more spin.  Driver is still a work in progress with this swing change, but when I catch it's almost 20 yards longer.

Point being, I think this is extremely important.  Definitely a game changer.

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So simple key 1? Steady head has done wonders for me as well

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Man, all the time I spend on here and I never actually understood the steady head.  I always thought it had to do with either dropping on the backswing or moving laterally BACK in the backswing, i.e., swaying off the ball instead of rotating.  Never got the importance of the head not going forward on the downswing.

One of the reasons I (and I suspect a whole lot of the peeps on here) love golf, is the moment you break through the latest plateau.  Watching my irons fly sky high now and travel 10-15 yards farther, along with the seemingly effortless power I'm putting into the ball is downright sexual.

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    •  I generlly play at two clubs Bradley Park - Nice 18 hole course, well kept mature parkland i can play for £19 on a weekend or 10 holes for a tenner. Great driving range and practice area. Willow Valley - 3 courses. 9 hole, 18 hole intermediate and the championship course (home of the Yorkshire PGA champs). 9 holer is a tenner on the weekends and the inter course is £20. You just cant grumble at the value for monet you get.
    • I prefer sand that is medium I guess. I have trouble with real soft, fine sand because I am not as consistent with how far I hit behind the ball. I think soft sand is less forgiving. I work to play a sand shot similar to a pitch shot, but with lower hands as my Evolvr instructors and Erik have taught me.  My league course has medium sand on the course, but very soft sand in the practice area. My home course has medium sand but no practice area. It's odd, but I never seem to get into the bunkers at my home course. I think I just jinxed myself! 
    • Welcome @afmilboy02! Happy thanksgiving. I tweaked some of your post to make it fit our guidelines for member swings. The one thing we need you to do now is embed the videos- not attach them. In the “How To” dropdown, you’ll see an option for embedding videos.   Under the “Info” dropdown there is an option for Instructional Content.  Great stuff there as well as tips for how to have a good swing thread, including video tips.  Good luck!!!
    •   I've been Playing Golf for: years but just getting back into golf
      My current handicap index or average score is: 90s
      My typical ball flight is: None
      The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is:  Haven't played in a season or so due to work, but getting back into it and have had nothing but issues.  Previously, I was a solid ball striker (few miss hits per round) that shot in the high 80's to low 90's a few lip outs, bad chips, and/or bad drives away from being in low 80's.  With that said, I dont know where that swing went, I literally am struggling to make solid contact with the ball with numerous issues in my swing... hip slide, over back swing, out/in path, pushes left, and fat/thin hits to name a few.  Here are a few vids (removed by moderator as they were attached not embedded)... tips, drills, and advice are welcome.   Thank you!
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