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Taylormade R1 Driver

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I'm kinda intrigued by this driver and all the "gadgets" on it to adjust things, but I'm a little hesitant.  If you get fitted when you buy it and everything is adjusted to your swing, then isn't the "gadgets" essentially useless from that point forward??  It's almost as if I'd be paying more for the adjustability which will be used once and really never messed with a whole lot!  I'm assuming the adjustability is why it's a little more expensive than say the Nike VRS Covert, I'm just curious if the extra price is worth a 1 time adjustability??

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It should be getting less expensive by the moment ...

It depends -- in Texas, you might want to lower loft sometimes in our windy, dry conditions, and increase loft and open face angle when the wind is down for more carry

It might also take time to get the swing weight to your specs -- you can purchase additional weights from golfworks (MWT weights) to set the heel and toe to your liking for more or less fade/draw bias.

Also, your swing may change. If it does, well, you can adjust the club.

And the R1 app is free…  :-)

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My understanding was this was not TM's most successful driver so prices should continue to drop.

As mentioned above the adapter is not symmetrical on the inside and allows this adjustment to occur.  Interesting is that if you want to open up the club face, for the hookers(golfers not the ladies), you would lower the loft of the club-head and those two measurements will change.  Not what you think is happening but it is.

The adjust-ability can come into play if your swing improves and most importantly with the newer adapters the ability to change out shafts becomes a plus.  Take you driver head with you when you go to a demo day and change out a couple of shafts to see if you need an upgrade.  Sometimes a change of shaft will require a lot of fitting changes also.

But most of the time, except for the shaft changes, the adjustments are generally tweaked once and left that way.  But at least the were tweaked for YOU not something you are given off the shelf and being told "here".

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I would be interested in knowing how many club lines offer adjustability for their drivers, hybrids and fairway sticks. It seems it doesn't make much sense anymore to offer a 1 dimensional option. I and family members have gone through pretty comprehensive fittings, taking hours, to identify the best possible margin of success. But even after going through those exercises, you always tinker with different looks and sometimes have to functionally adjust for types of courses and playing conditions. With respect to TM drivers, and a previous post, I've liked some and haven't others. I liked the R1 but the Slider didn't work out for me. I'm speaking in general terms without getting into shafts, lofts, etc. the R1 was the club of choice for a lot of competitive junior gofers and TM is a marketing buzz saw of a company. So I think the driver sold well, I can't confirm that from a statistical perspective, just exposure to players and competitive fields, and their retail/online distribution. BUT.... Remember, TM is on a 6 to 7 month turn cycle for their driver lines so you can always count on them to discount sooner than later.
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Note: This thread is 2739 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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