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What if Laser/GPS were banned?

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Now that is a proper course @Fourputt .  I wish more would do it.  As I said, on my courses that have good markings, I don't need to use it that much.  But it does come in handy when you are not in the middle of the fairway.

Agreed, if all courses were marked like that I wouldn't be so dependent on rangefinder or gps.

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Would you anchor it?

I think it would hurt at first because I use my GPS all the time.  However, I would not have problem with it because I would love the challenge of making a range book for the courses using google maps, on course recon, etc.

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From a caddie's perspective, technology undoubtedly helps to speed up play. I've used one for several years now and find that by the time your golfer gets to the ball, a good caddie will have the yardage for the shot.   I also use a GPS watch. It comes in handy several time per round for distances to the front/back of the green, as well as the distance to the green when your player has a blind shot and you cannot shoot the pin.

When a golfer does not have a caddie, the rangefinder can actually slow you down. The time it takes to the rangefinder out of the bag/cart, aim & shoot, then return it to the bag/cart can be time consuming.  The GPS watch, on the other hand, is very simple:  look at your wrist, look at the pin, pick a club.  (Inevitably the GPS watch can speed up play, but a scratch golfer might object because the watch distances might be off by a few yards, because a rangefinder's output is more exact.)

For the past 50 years all I have ever needed is the 150 yard stakes. Even when I first got a rangefinder for caddying, I never used it when I played. Now that I have the GPS watch, besides giving me distances, it allows me to more accurately evaluate the distances that I hit my clubs. So, I really enjoy having the watch.

Returning back to the original premise: "What if Laser/GPS were banned?"  Having coached high school golf for more than a decade, I know that the younger golfer would have a harder time adjusting because they are more reliant on technology now than they were even five or ten years ago. Also, reading a number of these postings and from personal experience, it seems as if the veteran golfers would be affected the least because we grew up with only the 150 markers.

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I've only started playing golf seriously over the last 11months, before that was maybe once a year with friends. The first 6 months for me I played without of gps/range finder or even really markers at all. I was out there trying to learn distances, find my swing and have a good time doing it (not just using the range).

Now after joining a club my focus has changed to improving my game, lowering the scores and a big factor for me was my GIR, so I started paying attention to the markers to get me in the rough vicinity of the correct distances. I got a range finder 2 months ago and it has helped me heaps. Posting better scores based on knowing the distance I needed to carry hazards. I'm off 14 and I don't shoot the pin because my golf just isn't there yet but knowing distances to/carry hazards gives me a better shot of hitting GIR and ultimately playing quicker. I was a fast golfer before the range finder and I'm still a fast golfer with the range finder.

My grandfather doesn't use a gps or range finder, he just pulls of years of playing experience, but he also can't figure out my iPad. Times are changing and we live in a technology based world now with the need to have the latest toy, change is good, it promotes growth!

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Note: This thread is 2776 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • In these kind of situations, it is often the message from the top or lack of it that sets the tone. The head of the league, outing or other event needs to make it clear the rules are to be followed and if there are any conditions outside the ordinary. You'll always have cheaters, but failing to make expectations clear allows Joe Amateur to use his imagination.
    • Played the weekly clubtournament yesterday: A stableford tournament from the yellows (6300 yards, Rated 72,7, slope 147) Shot 86 (36 stableford points). A pretty good round, but it was far from a perfect round.  Positives: - No lost balls (despite hitting one in the creek on 8 (found it, but had to take the penalty and a drop there) - Played solid through the 2 hardest stretches on the course. Hole 5-7 (+1) and hole 13-14 (E) - Birdie on the tough 13 (390 yards par 4 playing into wind  with a narrow teeshot and the approach playing 15 yards downhill) after a good drive (275 yards) into the wind to the right side of the fairway and a perfect soft AW from 120 that landed a foot short of the pin and jumped a couple of feet back to 3 feet. That shot looked like it was going in. - Only hit 3/13 fairways, but none of the missed fairways was by more than 5 yards and only one cost me a shot (on 16 where I had to chip it back to the fairway). So all my misses were pretty much in the right places.  - Hit 8 greens (14 nGIRs). Good, but not great.  - The round took my index south of 10,0, so new my new index is now 9,9 Negatives:  - The par 3s - shot +7 on the 5 par 3s, which is the worst I've done so far this season. Managed to shoot a 5 on hole 4 (205 yards into wind yesterday) without using my putter and without penalties. Duffed the teeshot 130 yards short and a little bit right, shanked the next shot into the left greenside bunker, hit the first bunkershot fat and still found my self in the sand, thinned the next bunkershot and flew it over the green and holed the 15 yards chip from there for a 5 and 0 stableford points. To a lot of amusement for everyone in my flight. The 6 i shot on hole 8 (180 yards uphill with wind from behind and left) was quite forgettable: Pulled my 8'iron slightly and flew it over the green right into the creek there, penalty drop, chipped it to 15 feet from there and needed 3 putts to hole it (found the ball in the creek(Y) ).  - Struggled with the speed on a 15 footer (sent it 6 feet past on 8 ) and 40 footer (left it 12 feet short on 14) , which I normally don't struggle with. Putting was good apart from those 2 and were the only 3-putts I made. On both those putts it felt wrong in the backswing and I still didn't abort the swing. Need to work on that.  33 putts total is not great, but is acceptable with the chances I gave myself on the greens. - A little inconsistant with my longer chips, needs to get them a little closer. This is a part of the game I have been very good at lately and this was not my best round around the greens. Only 2 1-putts after chipping and one holeout. Should do better.   
    • After a decent round yesterday i finally reached goal number 1 this season: HCP-index: 9,9.  Now let's keep it there or lower. 
    • You really need to call out your cheating partner.  Never allow it to continue.  Otherwise you will either get bitter about it or refuse to play with him.
    • Or wager against them, but watch them closely and play strict rules.  After all, their handicaps are probably treating their concessions as sunk. Three players in my club's match play qualifier were DQ'd for taking gimmes during the qualifier.  Those are a no-no when it's medal play for a match play qualifier. 
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