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What are you Reading Right Now?

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I enjoyed reading “Travels with Lovers: A Collection of Short Stories & Poems” by Steve Dreben.

The opening story, “The Tower” gives you a preview of what you are going to read in this amazing reading journey through the mind of this very intelligent writer.  He takes you through the story making you guess about what is going to happen next as the writer dramatically describes emotions and intense scenes of very high drama in a relaxed yet foreboding manner which hurriedly and unexpectedly leads you into the crushing ending where I was wishing I could reach out and stop it.   

The author has unique talent painting pictures with words. An excerpt from another story, “The Mongoose and the Python”:

 “She was yellow, gray and blue-gold. Her scales reflected the embers of the sun’s surface and yet she blended in perfectly with the jungle fauna. Her species had developed hunting skills over hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps millions of years, which made her one of the great predators in this dense terrain.”

The stories are extremely entertaining and show the versatility and brilliance of this author.

Poetry follows his stories and again the author is an artist with words,

“The Dancer

She glided across the floor,

moved in perfect rhythm like a Cheetah forward to prey.

The music filled the room, her sleek body “confronted us”

internal genuflections via muscular perfection…externally crafted….

We…we were allowed a place…

a place where absolution, commitment and connection meet…

where stunning sculpted arms reached for the sun,

spinning and leaping to the driving pulses of “The Rites of Spring.”

Caught in her spell…we gazed at her as she spun and twisted,

in one direction and another…

rapidly she danced with the speed of a champion boxer …

speeded coordination…in an exquisite unction of canonized rhythms… “and time stops.”

I enjoyed this author’s writing very much. He’s brilliant with his story organization and an excellent writer. Highly recommended!

On the lighter side, 

Wayne Willson’s “Time Particle: Sophie's Story (Volume 1)” is a brilliant dark humor- satire set in the year 2131. I hadn’t read a book that made me laugh so hard since reading Joseph Heller’s “Catch 22” many years ago. 
I laughed until I cried when I read this hysterically funny book. It started off a bit rough for me since I thought the book was going to be pure science fiction and didn’t expect to be humorous.  The story is about various villains chasing the brilliant Sophie (“It’s not paranoia if they really are after you”) who discovered the secret to time travel, and the villains want her time travel secrets. The villains chase and kidnap her, and JoJo is out to save her along with a cast of amazing, amusing, and uproariously funny characters, with many changing scenes leading up to a great “let’s get Junior” (one of the villains) climax ending. 

My favorite character was a severely stern-faced mother named Hattie, who could shoot such grave looks that would “make a dead man sweat,” or “turn Satan into a saint.”  I enjoyed the way the good characters on the brink of defeat turned the situation around giving retribution to greedy villains – especially how Margot, the gorgeous female robot, dealt with Junior.  Marty the monkey was amazing as well.  Greedy, backstabbing James hilariously got what he deserved in the converter machine scene. I could go on and on but I don’t want to give too much detail since I don’t want to spoil anything.

I was sad to see the book end so I’m going to read it again and will be looking forward to reading the sequel. 



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Don't think I'm going to finish Don Quixote, will give it a little more, get to page 100, call it quits.

Also reading Tim Wu's The Curse of Bigness and Clive Thompson's Smarter Than You Think.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Just Finished Fitness Junkie, a hilarious take on the NYC fitness scene and how over the top things can be.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

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