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I enjoyed reading “Travels with Lovers: A Collection of Short Stories & Poems” by Steve Dreben.

The opening story, “The Tower” gives you a preview of what you are going to read in this amazing reading journey through the mind of this very intelligent writer.  He takes you through the story making you guess about what is going to happen next as the writer dramatically describes emotions and intense scenes of very high drama in a relaxed yet foreboding manner which hurriedly and unexpectedly leads you into the crushing ending where I was wishing I could reach out and stop it.   

The author has unique talent painting pictures with words. An excerpt from another story, “The Mongoose and the Python”:

 “She was yellow, gray and blue-gold. Her scales reflected the embers of the sun’s surface and yet she blended in perfectly with the jungle fauna. Her species had developed hunting skills over hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps millions of years, which made her one of the great predators in this dense terrain.”

The stories are extremely entertaining and show the versatility and brilliance of this author.

Poetry follows his stories and again the author is an artist with words,

“The Dancer

She glided across the floor,

moved in perfect rhythm like a Cheetah forward to prey.

The music filled the room, her sleek body “confronted us”

internal genuflections via muscular perfection…externally crafted….

We…we were allowed a place…

a place where absolution, commitment and connection meet…

where stunning sculpted arms reached for the sun,

spinning and leaping to the driving pulses of “The Rites of Spring.”

Caught in her spell…we gazed at her as she spun and twisted,

in one direction and another…

rapidly she danced with the speed of a champion boxer …

speeded coordination…in an exquisite unction of canonized rhythms… “and time stops.”

I enjoyed this author’s writing very much. He’s brilliant with his story organization and an excellent writer. Highly recommended!

On the lighter side, 

Wayne Willson’s “Time Particle: Sophie's Story (Volume 1)” is a brilliant dark humor- satire set in the year 2131. I hadn’t read a book that made me laugh so hard since reading Joseph Heller’s “Catch 22” many years ago. 
I laughed until I cried when I read this hysterically funny book. It started off a bit rough for me since I thought the book was going to be pure science fiction and didn’t expect to be humorous.  The story is about various villains chasing the brilliant Sophie (“It’s not paranoia if they really are after you”) who discovered the secret to time travel, and the villains want her time travel secrets. The villains chase and kidnap her, and JoJo is out to save her along with a cast of amazing, amusing, and uproariously funny characters, with many changing scenes leading up to a great “let’s get Junior” (one of the villains) climax ending. 

My favorite character was a severely stern-faced mother named Hattie, who could shoot such grave looks that would “make a dead man sweat,” or “turn Satan into a saint.”  I enjoyed the way the good characters on the brink of defeat turned the situation around giving retribution to greedy villains – especially how Margot, the gorgeous female robot, dealt with Junior.  Marty the monkey was amazing as well.  Greedy, backstabbing James hilariously got what he deserved in the converter machine scene. I could go on and on but I don’t want to give too much detail since I don’t want to spoil anything.

I was sad to see the book end so I’m going to read it again and will be looking forward to reading the sequel. 



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Don't think I'm going to finish Don Quixote, will give it a little more, get to page 100, call it quits.

Also reading Tim Wu's The Curse of Bigness and Clive Thompson's Smarter Than You Think.

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On 1/3/2019 at 8:26 AM, Foot Wedge said:

Recently finished The Last of the Mohicans.  Next book will be The Line Becomes a River by Francisco Cantu.  I got a Kindle for Christmas so I'm going to start adding books to it soon. 

Kindles absolutely rock but you'll go broke building a library if you subscribe to Amazon's daily kindle deals newsletter. 

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I have just started, Anatomy of a Golf Course, by Tom Doak. I’m turning into a bit of architecture nerd so I heard this is a good read for those really just starting to get a passion for it. 

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Reading this makes me want to go to some indoor climbing place and just give it a go. I'm afraid if I try, I might get hooked. Not that I have any time for starting another sport.


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Today I read a few pages of "Total Golf" by M. Adams, and T.J. Tomasi (?). It's one of the older, good books on playing golf. It's one of the few books on golf that I kept when I down sized my library. 

Lots of little useful tid bits on golf in this book. I have a lot of respect for Tomasi's thoughts on playing golf. 

I am not sure it's still available, which is too bad if true. 

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Chatting With Matisse - The Lost 1941 Interview.

For those unaware, Henri Matisse is a famous artist that is on the same level of Picasso when it comes to modern art.

It's a very interesting read as you get to see inside the mind of a great artist and the presentation of the book is really well done. Matisse's works really pop on the high quality glossy paper.


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I alternate between biographies (presidents/sports figures) and historical fiction. This past weekend I got to meet former major leaguer Eddie Robinson. He served in the Navy during WWII and then played 13 seasons of baseball in the American League. He played for 7 of the 8 AL teams that existed during his career. He was a favorite of my Yankees fan father who always told me Robinson was under-appreciated as a ballplayer. He was pretty spry for a 98-year-old and was gracious enough to sign a copy of his book to me. Many years ago I came across one of his game-used gloves that he had signed at some point. I have it in storage and wish I had thought to dig it out and bring it along.

I've just started in on his book and so far it's pretty entertaining.



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I just read "Perfectly Executed", a true crime book. It's about a case that was featured on a Netflix show called The Confession Tapes. The show depicts two guys, Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay, and shows how they were confessing to the murder of Rafay's parents to a "Mr. Big" - the head of a criminal organization they had joined, not knowing that person was an undercover cop. The show raises questions about how the confession was elicited from the two teenagers - they were told by Mr. Big that the cops had finally found some DNA evidence that tied the boys to the crime, but Mr. Big said he had connections within law enforcement who could destroy the DNA evidence for them. In return he wanted their confession. So the boys confessed.

After watching that show I briefly thought the boys were innocent. At the time of the murders they had an alibi: they were seen in a cinema and watched The Lion King there. They could also tell the cops how the movie ended and they said it was a boring movie.

Now through this book I've learned that they had actually already seen that movie before so it meant nothing they could tell the cops how it ended and it wasn't evidence that they watched the movie until the end this time. There were no people who said they saw Burns and Atif at the end of the movie, still in the cinema. The cinema was only 5 minutes away from Rafay's home. Most notably he told of some details in his confession that only the killer would have an answer to. 

I'm getting carried away a little. But it was a very revealing book. Fun to read and I recommend it to anyone who has watched episodes 1 and 2 of The Confession Tapes.

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Finally broke down: ordered LSW...just waiting for delivery.

Started the recluse series a while back, think I'm on book 16

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Just finished The Martian. Now time to see the movie I suppose. Thinking about buying the original 6 Dune books for myself for Christmas. Anyone have an opinion on either?

I thought the Martian was great, and the ending was properly abrupt. Love the maths and engineering that really showed in the book. I know the movie will probably cover it with one montage, which is a shame but understandable. 

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7 minutes ago, Bonvivant said:

Thinking about buying the original 6 Dune books for myself for Christmas. Anyone have an opinion on either?

I haven't read any of them past the first one. I love the first Dune novel. So good. 

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6 minutes ago, saevel25 said:

I haven't read any of them past the first one. I love the first Dune novel. So good. 

I listen to a podcast (last podcast on the left) where they talk about true crime mostly (some supernatural stuff, some conspiracy stuff) and one of the hosts is reading right now and is enthralled. I'd hate to buy just the first one, realize I want to read all 6 and then have to go buy a set. 70 bucks is a bit of a gamble for the whole set to start out, but I think I am going to take take it. 

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    • I recommend a really good book by Stan Utley called The Art of Putting. It covers posture, stance etc. and is very comprehensive. I read this years ago and use this method. I also recommend Dave Stockton’s Unconscious Putting which goes more into the process. Check them out. 
    • What I did with my used 2014 driver shaft.... it ended up on my current driver. It just worked better for me.
    • Thanks for your feedback very much appreciate it, I tried one of them in a callaway ut driving iron but it was I think too stiff and long, so I can do anything and it won’t matter as their cactus lol, I did love the 3 wood and I had the full set of irons that I sold. They were from a Aussie Pro I had a lot of lessons with, the heads were crap well too difficult for me except I loved the 2 iron and 3 wood… again thank you..
    • The main difference between GI irons and blades - I've played both (my blades were like that shitty rental set Shorty was talking about)  - is that with the GI iron, when you mishit or thin a shot won't sting as much, especially in colder weather. If you have a GI 7i and hit that say for example 160 yds. If you're 1/4" off the sweet spot it'll go 145 yds. With a blade if you're 1/4" of it'll go 100 yds. and either to the right or left. If you hit the shot fat with either club, the ball isn't going far anyway. A hosel rocket will go further into the woods with a GI iron.  Play whatever you want. You have to determine how much time you have to practice. How often will you practice. If you have high expectations and will practice everyday, by all means, go for the better player irons. You don't have to use butter knives, but if that's what you want, go for it. It's your money.
    • I am not new to putting, but I can guarantee that I am definitely more confused about it than anyone else on this forum 🙃  We’ll get through it together. 
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